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I am just a girl in the middle of Illinois. We found out that my Ex-husband had brain cancer. They removed part of his brain, and he did chemo and radiation. But he forgot who we were. This left me a single mom of 10 kids. Five are grown, and five are still at home Read More

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My Story

My youngest son Elijah was later diagnosed with Lissencephaly, an extremely rare terminal congenital malformation of the brain. When I found out he would not live a long life, I decided that I would give him the best God-filled life I could. I took the 6 kids I had living at home at the time, and we drove 13 hours to see the ocean for the first time. My kids were baptized there, and that's where Elijah's Baby Bucket List was born. The kids and I started Elijah's Baby Bucket List to provide awareness for Lissencephely and give him opportunities to live his life to the fullest. This is a terminally ill boys' mission to spread joy while making friends and memories.

I also started writing daily to deal with everything that was going on. I am working on a book called Braver Together as well as 2 children's books. I blog about our daily life and our adventures! I also work for the Post Office. I lead a divorce support group. I mentor people going through a divorce and significant life changes.

I was a professional photographer but now only do it for fun and to capture our adventures.
I recently finished web design and business marketing to better build Elijah's baby bucket list. My 9-year-old daughter took an interest in it and is currently building her own website to take her brother to Paris. Her idea for this started because she loves taking him to art museums. She started a lemonade stand before Covid and was saving money to take him to Paris, and when Covid happened, she took all the money she had saved and started the website where she plans to raise the money to take him to Paris and on other adventures.

I was invited to The Inside Edge by Diana last year. I love the community and the atmosphere this group brings to my life. In December I was asked to be the program coordinator and I really love learning the ropes. I look forward to getting to know everyone and helping move The Inside Edge into a new global reach.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Mobile Phone: 217.617.5422

Address:    1750 Linn St, Hamilton, Il 62341


Birthday: 10/22

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