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Larry Maurer


Larry Maurer has transformed his passion for the history of American music into reality. Although Larry has worked in finance for over 30 years as a Certified Public Accountant and as a public-school teacher for 13 years, his calling has always been to teach music history. 


 He founded the Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education, Inc., a 501(c)(3) educational foundation to present colorful, memorable, and multi-media education programs to a wide variety of groups around the country. 

Larry Maurer invites you to join him on a MULTIMEDIA journey back in time to the great songs and the composers of the past who put these songs in our hearts to stay. Contact Larry for the correct schedule of Timeless Melodies lectures.


He has been involved in Inside Edge since 1992. He has been a host and is currently a member of the Board. He serves as Treasurer. Larry resides in Mission Viejo CA. with his wife Dru, who is also active in the arts.

Phone: (949) 305-3090

Address: 26152 Escala Dr. Mission Viejo, CA 92691-4817



Birthday: 12/04
Occupation: Founder and Instructor of Timeless Melodies Foundation
Partner’s Name: Dru Maurer

Social Media:



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