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Marj Britt


My deep connection with The Inside Edge started shortly after becoming the Senior Minister of Unity of Tustin in 1993. The name Diana Wentworth kept 'showing up' in my awareness.


We met, had lunch, and the Gift of what that means continues to this day, 25+ years later. Unity of Tustin was part of The Inside Edge bookstore team with Ruthanne Ali and her team for part of that time. Our Visions, Values, and Awareness of Consciousness have been the Love that is the Field holding It All.


My doctoral degree is an EdD from the University of Massachusetts, and my ministerial credential is from Unity. I retired from the bricks-and-mortar platform after 19 years and continue to do my work as a Spiritual Guide online.

Phone: (714) 875-7729

Address: 12515 Wedgwood Circle, Tustin, CA 92780



Birthday:  04/15
Occupation: Senior Minister of Unity of Tustin
Partner’s Name: Holy Spirit

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