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Carina Slepian

I was introduced to the Inside Edge five or so years ago by hubby Craig Marshall, an Inside Edge speaker, and friend of Diana Wentworth & Ted. I've also personally connected with some of your wonderful members. 



I'm an independent real estate broker® (15 years) and project management professional (PMP). I integrate that with my passion for energy healing, channeling, service, and joyful living. I am also certified as a Master Life Coach (energy/vibrational, wellness, transitions) and enjoy co-creating with others.


I am most joyful with conscious people, nature, and pets.

Phone: (424) 644-4633

Address: 626 Avery Place, Long Beach, CA 90807



Birthday:  08/21
Occupation: Broker®, Master Life Coach, Meditation Teacher
Partner’s Name: Craig Marshall

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