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Rebecca Minna


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Professionally Rebecca is a photographer/media content creator and social media consultant. She offers online social media tutorials, lifestyle, product and portrait photography and content creation. 

In her free time she enjoys street photography, spending time with her family and music. She has become an inside edge member recently and volunteers her time managing and creating this website! She is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and only uses this skill when called upon and not for monetary gain. Hypnosis has been in her family for generations and has been taught as that it is a skill that must be given or exchanged. 

Rebecca is also a disabilities advocate. She shares information about accessibility and inclusion with kindness. With the intent to create awareness and promote compassion for those living with a disability. She has been featured in articles and on podcasts spreading awareness and also created an online community surrounding her cause. 

Phone: (949) 235-0933

Address: 16899 Jamboree Rd. #308 Irvine Ca, 92606



Birthday: 01/11
Occupation: Photographer/Content Creator
Partner’s Name: Damien Minna

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