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Craig Marshall: Egypt and the Higher Ages

Craig Marshall
Egypt and the Higher Ages

Craig Marshall was a yoga monk for 35 years, studying the wisdom of East and West, and spent thousands of hours in meditation.  Today Craig teaches mindfulness practices in business, and is a personal life coach. He lectures worldwide and has mentored many well-known people, including Steve Jobs, fashion icon Fred Segal and Beatle George Harrison. As a young man, Craig worked in Egypt as a photographer, documenting archeological sites, and after many trips to Egypt, Craig has a unique collection of photos. He will share images from his 2019 journey to pharaonic monuments up and down the Nile. Craig believes mankind has experienced past “golden ages,” and will show how Egyptian art and architecture fit into the ancient 24,000-year cycle (the yuga calendar system). If you’re curious about Higher Ages and the mysteries of Egypt, you won’t want to miss this! The photography is stunning….


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