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Craig Marshall - A New Venue, A New Year, A New You

Craig Marshall
A New Venue, A New Year, A New You

Because Craig Marshall has been through so many life-chapters and played such diverse roles, he is an expert on transitions and the value of learning and un-learning. His presentation will welcome all to our new venue at the Pacific Club, and will be about the New Year and the new you, and how you can step into a new chapter in your personal & professional life. A mentor to Steve Jobs, Beatle George Harrison and fashion icon Fred Segal, Craig has fantastic stories and is the ultimate empowerer! When asked the most important thing he learned as a monk, Craig responded, “That we all are more powerful than anything and everything we are seeking.” 
Craig Marshall began as a child actor in Hollywood, playing small parts in television shows and commercials. He graduated from USC Film School, and then his life took a left turn. He became a yoga monk with Self-Realization Fellowship, where he lived in a monastery for 35 years. As respected swami, Craig traveled the world, lecturing to large audiences on the subjects of mindfulness and meditation. He became a mentor to many well-known people and wrote several books and media programs on how to live a meaningful life. Today, Craig is a sought after public speaker, personal consultant and co-author of the book, The Next You.


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Start Date: 12/21/2016 Start Time: 6:30 AM
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Event Location: The Pacific Club
Address: 4110 MacArthur Blvd. , Newport Beach , CA   92660