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 Past Speakers


December 19

Eddie Osterland

Power Entertaining: Secrets to Building Lasting Relationships with Friends and Clients

Most of us truly enjoy hosting both business clients and friends at dinner as a way of being gracious, hospitable and sealing a new relationship or celebrating a well established one. When that opportunity arises, we want the simple ideas that create an immediate, positive impact that will turn an ordinary experience into a lasting memory. But, choosing the menu for the event can be daunting and, even more so, selecting the wines that will enhance the various foods can be worrisome. Eddie Osterland, America's first Master Sommelier, can help you erase any entertaining worries with a "new operating system" to create a moment that no one will ever forget. Learn how to stand out from everyone else with Eddie's Power Entertaining skills.


December 5

December 5

The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit: How to Bounce Back from Life’s Hardest Hits

Following the murder of his only son, Tariq, after a senseless, gang-related incident, Azim Khamisa chose the path of forgiveness and compassion rather than revenge.  This amazing choice led to the establishment of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TFK) and the subsequent forgiveness movement which has reached millions with praise from the Dalai Llama, Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Over the years, Azim’s harsh experiences in life - personally and in business - has not destroyed him, but inspired him to create even greater, more expansive results in his life.  Hear how he did it, and how you too can create incredible results in your life, no matter what has gone before.  This presentation follow the book of the same name, co-written by Jillian Quinn.


November 14

Polly Campbell

Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People

Polly Campbell has been working in the field of spirituality and personal development for many years and is a frequent contributor to periodicals on Spirituality and Health as well as a blogger for Psychology Today. She shows audiences how to integrate everyday moments with traditional spiritual techniques to experience personal growth and greater well-being by showing how any activity can be transformed into a spiritual practice. If you don't have a half-hour to meditate or can't drop everything like Elizabeth Gilbert to trek to Italy, Polly will entertain you with practical tips and anecdote from real people striving to grow both spiritually and personally.


November 7

Phil Cousineau

The Painted Word: A Treasure Chest of Remarkable Words and Their Origins

Phil Cousineau, award-winning writer, filmmaker, teacher, editor, independent scholar, travel leader, and storyteller, is the Program Host for the new PBS series: “Global  Spirit, ” an “Internal Travel” series that explores perennial human questions from the ancient or indigenous wisdom tradition to the latest advances in scientific knowledge. Phil will untangle the knot of interlocking meaning of each fascinating painted word, selected for its ineffable quality that makes it luminous, whether old-fangled or brand new using definition, etymology and a smattering of quotes to show how the word is used. The words range from commonplace to mythological to metamorphosis. If you enjoyed Phil’s Wordcatcher, you will love his ‘Painted Words.”


October 31

Andrew Mellen

The Stuff Behind the Stuff: Set Yourself Free from Story's Grip

Everybody loves stuff, and everyone loves a good story, but trouble starts when you mix them together. House proud or homeless, the last thing to go is our stuff. Why? Because of the stories we tell ourselves.  Andrew Mellen returns to The Inside Edge with insights on how the power of a good story traps us and keeps us stuck. Andrew says, “Story is great when it comes to building human relationships. But it’s also what keeps us holding on to stuff much longer than we’d like.” Based on over 15 years of successfully working with clients across the country to get and stay organized, he’s developed simple, practical, and effective ways to distinguish urgent from important and trash from treasure.


October 24

Tony Burroughs

The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions

Tony Burroughs, author and storyteller,  has spent the last two decades sharing “The Code” with the world:  Support Life, Seek Truth, Set Your Course.   As a young man in Hawaii Tony learned to farm from an older philosopher-farmer who schooled him in The Information, a series of oral lessons about how to live a life filled with love, peace and abundance,  Tony has been sharing his technique with  Intenders Circles since the early ’90’s.  There are now more than a million people who meet in Intenders Circles, a network knitted together in a grassroots association called The Intenders of the Highest Good.  The process, known as bibliomancy, has been used for centuries by folks seeking wisdom.


October 17

Steve Memel

Star Presence: The Science of Switching On

What is that indefinable quality when someone walks into a room and you feel as if there is an electricity surrounding them, an aliveness, a special aura of substance, power?  Steven Memel reveals the elements that make up what we call... Presence and how you can begin to consciously and deliberately increase yours.  This internationally acclaimed voice and performance coach, offers a results-oriented, highly effective system for personal activation. Steven has enabled countless individuals to achieve rapid, peak performance within a variety of disciplines, among them Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Isabella Rossellini, Lauren Bacall. He helps professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, and teams to communicate with greater confidence, personal magnetism and charisma in both their work and social environments.


October 10

Lynn Woodland

Making Miracles: Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World

In a world where so much seems to be falling apart, Lynn Woodland will offer the Miracle Experiment as a means to rebuild a better world.  Grounded in the extraordinary new science of consciousness and time, the Miracle Experiment invites participants to reach beyond time and space to join in loving compassion with all other Experiment participants - past, present and future - for the purpose of creating miracles.  This joining in loving intention by thousands of people creates a field of consciousness - like massively focused prayer - that works on behalf of every participant.  The “experiment” direct this morphic field of focused love to see what miracles we can create for ourselves, for each other, and for the world beyond.


October 3

Stacey Hall

Keep Your Eye on Your B-All

Stacey Hall brought her self back from a life-threatening illness, a journey of self-discovery that inspired her to write her 2nd best-seller 'Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All' in which she shares the 11 'Energy Surges' which are saving the lives of people stressed to the snapping point! Stacey is the Founder and CEO of The Hall Institute of Intuitive Wellness, as well as a Licensed Spiritual Healer.  She will present a variety of strategies and techniques to uplift, expand and strengthen your personal energy easily in order to achieve your greatest goal with velocity and ease.  In fact, each one will increase your personal power in less than a minute! She will demonstrate how to move life out of the way to achieve your B-All goal.


September 26

Laura Berryhill &

Anton Mizerak

A Sacred Morning of Music and Mythology

We have known Laura and Anton as favorite musicians at the Inside Edge who regularly visit us from their nurturing nature habitat of Mount Shasta.    In this presentation, they will reveal the powerful synergy of music with other expressive media such as dance, drama, art, and poetry in ritual and social interaction.  Anton and Laura will explore the sacred nature of music experien-tially through storytelling and through analysis of the themes and motifs present in the music they will share as they visit mythological lovers, mermaids, gods, and enlightened beings from western and eastern traditions.  Anton draws knowledge from his MA in History of Religions from UCLA and Laura from her depth of study in the Celtic and  Scottish Gaelic traditions.


September 19

Paul Zak, Ph.D.

The Moral Molecule: The Source of Love and Prosperity

Paul Zak, founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University,  has been a vanguard in this new discipline. In 2004 his lab discovered that an ancient chemical in our brains, oxytocin, a reproductive hormone associated with breastfeeding, sex, and the bonding of mothers and babies, is in fact the molecule responsible for regulating trustworthiness, generosity, and empathy in both men and women in all stages of life:  the moral molecule.  He and his lab have conducted cutting edge research exploring oxytocin and its implication for everything from business to politics to religion.  Zak has appeared on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, NOVA, ABC, and NPR.  He will illuminate the Inside Edge “HUG PROCESS.”


September 12

Rich Roll

Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age and Discovering Myself

Rich Roll will remove any doubt you may have that you can transform your life.  Fifty pounds overweight on his fortieth birthday, Rich Roll committed himself totally to making a change.  After plunging into a new way of eating that prioritized plant nutrition, Roll morphed, in a matter of months, from out-of-shape midlifer to endurance machine.  Two years later, he established himself as one of the world’s top endurance athletes, running five iron-distance triathlons each on a different Hawaiian island, in less than a week.  Rich is a graduate of Stanford  University and Cornell Law School, and has been named by Men’s Fitness as “one of the world’s 25 fittest men.”  He will inspire you to break down walls and redefine what’s possible:  “Go for it!”

  September 5

Maggie Anton

Magic in the Ancient World: The Talmud and Sorcery

Maggie Anton, best-selling author, is acclaimed for her epic Rashi’s Daughters novels. In the process of researching her most recent series, Rav Hisda’s Daughter, she discovered a corpus of research on Babylonian Incantation Bowls which for the most part were for benevolent purposes: healing the sick, protecting children, guarding against demons and the Evil Eye. To her surprise, she also discovered within  the Talmud discussions of spells, amulets, demons and other occult subjects practiced by women, sorcery that was clearly the province of women. The sorceress in this culture was not a scary hag with a pointed hat, but rather, practiced freely as a respected professional who placed protective spells upon people to guard them from demons.


August 29

Tobin Blake

Everyday Meditation: Find Balance and Health and Spark Creativity

Meditation is the practice of centering your presence on the present moment, and bringing both body and mind to a state of stillness.  The idea is to quiet the mind and turn inward, away from the physical world. Generally the experiences felt during meditation are mild and peaceful, although it can also produce states of heady intoxication, bliss, and ecstasy.   The practice is commonly associated with Hinduism and Buddhism, but one need not be spiritual in order to receive the many psychological and health benefits associated with the practice.  Tobin Blake, author of Everyday Meditation and The Power of Stillness. will discuss how meditative practice can be used as a mind-training tool to increase focus, reduce stress levels, improve health, and reprogram the mind to maximize the potential and eliminate self-defeating thought patterns.


August 22

Ursula Mentjes

One Great Goal: Discover the Power of One!

What if one goal could change everything?  Ursula will inspire you and make the principles of One Great Goal impossible to forget with the stories of her own struggles and triumphs.  You will come face to face with your Soul Purpose, what’s stopping you, and the tools you need to identify and overcome whatever has previously stood in your way. Her moving and inspiring presentation will help you: Discover the “Power of One;” understand why clarity matters; recognize the impact of thoughts and beliefs on success; take “Inspired and Intentional” action; and step into the flow.  Ursula Mentjes is the author of Selling with Intention  and founder of Sales Coach Now, a professional coaching and training firm.  By the age of 27, she moved within the firm from sales to Sales Manager to Branch Manager to President, increasing sales by 90%.


August 15

Joe Nunziata

Karma Buster: How to Identify and Clear Your Negative Karma in Business and Life

Joe Nunziata, an expert in the field of emotional regression and energy release work, is the author of several books:  Karma Buster, Spiritual Selling, Finding Your Purpose, and No More 9 to 5.  His work uniquely blends psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and the power of energy to foster a new way of thinking in  business and life.  He offers a new definition of karma and supplies the tools to help you identify and clear the negative energy that is holding you back by isolating the negative patterns of behavior that have bound you  to the “karmic wheel.”  You will be introduced to concepts and processes that can be used on a daily basis to elevate your awareness and help you to make changes that stick.  His goal is to empower you to heal yourself and to live the life you were meant to live. 


August 8

Don Saunders

How to Create Extraordinary Results in Your Professional Life

Don Saunders is the author of "The Power of Knowing How Life Works." Prior to receiving, "The Knowledge," Don enjoyed a 38-year corporate career, culminating as VP of Sales for Eastman Kodak. He now owns multiple retail establishments in "The Village at Lake Las Vegas" and is the Founder of "The BEAM Institute, a Learning Oasis.” He shares "The Knowledge" to empower individuals, businesses and organizations by demonstrating that you can achieve great success in your business or career when you understand “The Knowledge.” You will learn how relationships are formed, survive and/or deteriorate; how manifestation plays a role in making  and keeping money; how your relationship to money determines the type of life you lead; and how "The Knowledge" supports dreams, goals and success. and


August 4

David Fagan

From Invisible to Invincible: Discover the Art of Being Heard, Being Seen and Getting Results

David T. Fagan will give us an advance screening of his forthcoming book of the same title. He is an expert in the art of being heard, being seen and getting results, has completed Harvard's Program on Negotiation and is considered a true rain maker by companies both big and small.  He has shared the stage with Dan Kennedy, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Gerber and Jay Conrad Levinson to name a few.  Today he is best known as an expert in marketing and business development.  David has been hired by Infusionsoft, GKIC, John Assaraf, Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Ron Le Grand, Harry Dent, Diana and Ted Wentworth, and Roger Salam.  David and his wife Jill have eight kids and live in Ojai, CA.  Their marketing and media company can be viewed at

  July 25

Jill Lublin

Be the News!

Jill Lublin presents gems from her bestselling book, Guerilla Publicity, by sharing powerful strategies for getting your name from unknown to newsworthy.  Any misconception you may have that publicity is expensive will be shattered when she offers proven secrets to understanding what the media outlets want. Her short-term, doable, FREE and low-cost tactics will boost your visibility. Author of Get Noticed…Get Referrals and Networking Magic, Jill Lublin is an internationally acknowledged expert on publicity and networking and a master strategist on how to capture attention and increase visibility.  When Jill isn’t travelling the world wowing audiences, she hosts her own television show, “Messages of Hope,” inspired by her own tragic setback, and warmly shares powerful core lessons from moving true stories of real people making big comebacks.


July 18

Kristen Moeller

"What are YOU Waiting For?"

Kristen Moeller thrives while “disrupting the ordinary” and inspiring others to do the same. A highly respected coach, author, speaker and radio show host who holds a master’s degree in counseling, Kristen has more than 22 years experience in the field of personal development. Her Best-Selling book, Waiting for Jack: Confession of a Self-Help Junkie – How to Stop Waiting and Start Living Your Life, explores our pervasive human tendency to wait and look outside ourselves for answers. The “Jack” in her title, Jack Canfield, wrote the foreword to the book. Kristen works with new authors to birth their books and provides 
pay-it-forward” scholarships for transformational education.


July 11

David Dibble

DreamWork – Asking Life's Most Profound Questions and Receiving Perfect Guidance in Our Dreams

David Dibble is a 30-year pioneer in the areas of Conscious Leadership, Conscious Coaching and Sustainable Business. He is author of The New Agreements in the Workplace, a roadmap for bringing higher purpose, proactive change, and yes, even joy to the workplace. For 8 years, David worked directly with don Miguel Ruiz and is one of two people worldwide licensed to teach The Four Agreements at Work. He is the creator of New DreamWork, a teachable system for asking life’s most troubling questions and receiving perfect guidance in a dream. His book, DreamWork Dream Interpretation describes this revolutionary system. He is a practical spiritual teacher, having also written the book, CharacterTypes – Models for Relating, which describe a one-of-a-kind model for healing or deepening key relationships, both at work and at home.


June 27

Sarah McLean

Living a Soul-Centered Life

Sarah McLean, contemporary meditation expert and author of Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation, is the founding director of the Sedona Meditation Training Company, and The McLean Meditation Institute.  Sarah facilitates self-discovery retreats worldwide.  Her clients include: Proctor & Gamble, Perry Ellis Intl., Banner Health Care, Solis Womens Health Care, The Young Presidents Organization, Miraval Resort, Red Mountain Spa, Arizona Society of CPA’s, and Thunderbird School of Global Management. Sarah will introduce you to meditative practices tp transform you physically, emotionally, and spiritually as you deeply connect you with your own soul, sharing  keys to becoming more self-aware,  intuitive, peaceful, and compassionate.


June 20

Carole Brody Fleet

Turning Hurt into Hope: Making the Choice to Move Forward After Loss, Challenge or Life Difficulty

Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a divorce or breakup of a long-term relationship; loss of a job; loss of a home or even the loss of a beloved pet - just about everyone has experienced some sort of loss, tragedy or challenge in life.  How do you go from tears to “turning it around?”  How can you move forward from tragedy to triumph? Carole Brody Fleet Award-winning author of Widows Wear Stilletos and Happily EVEN After, shares the secrets of returning to a happy and fulfilling life after any kind of loss, life challenge or difficulty. Carole Brody Fleet was widowed at the age of 40, after the death of her husband, Michael, from Lou Gehrig’s disease.   Carole has shared her experience of recovery on national, regional, and local television and radio networks and before hundreds of audiences.


June 13

Dennis Watts

Practical Quantum Technologies for Health and Healing

As a Rocket/Research Scientist, Dennis Watts worked for Boeing Corporation for twenty years on projects such as the Space Shuttle program, the International Space Station Program, and a number of advanced DARPA projects. His present interest and main focus is the field of quantum physics as it relates to health and healing, in particular his latest finding regarding the Grand Unification Theory as discovered by Nissam Haramein. Dennis has a vast knowledge and understanding about conscious awareness, anatomy, physiology, and  nutrition and can explain in simple understandable  terminology how the body/ mind connection works in conjunction with the well being of your life expression.

  June 6

Diego Antonini


The Franciscan Pathway in Umbria: A Shelter for Dialogue, Reconciliation, and Peace

Saint Francis of Assisi stressed the importance of respecting and loving Nature and Mankind regardless of cultural and religious differences, preaching the ultimate path towards spiritual rising  is  love for the enemy.  The St. Francis  model crosses the boundaries of Catholicism to lie in the haven of Universality. His teachings suit any individual who is conscious about the dramatic situation of our times, and offer  the way out to a new Era of Prosperity: Dialogue, Reconciliation, and Universal Peace. Diego Antonini was appointed Peace Ambassador for the Italian Association Assisi for Peace in 2011 to develop the Franciscan Pathway to shed the Darkness in which our World is lost.

  May 30

Jonathan RT Lakey,
Ph.D., MSM


In Search for a Cure of Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes kills 231,000 people a year in the U.S and costs Americans $200 billion a year. Jonathan Lakey, Director of Research at UCI’s Dept. of Surgery and Assoc. Professor  of Biomedical Engineering in the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center, will provide an update on islet transplantation as a treatment for diabetes. One area of research involves protecting the islets in a small thin sheet of seaweed that protects the islets from destruction from the immune system but allows insulin and glucose along with nutrients to pass freely across the membrane. The Islet Sheet  transplants  islet cells on the pancreas so the body can produce insulin needed to break down glucose in food.


May 23

Lindi Stoler

Getting Known! Low-Cost Methods
to Make a Bigger Name for Yourself

Lindi Stoler knows how to put people on the map.  She has had a full service media and marketing company since 1980 and has worked with more than 200 clients including Tony Robbins, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jackson, James Brolin, and Linda Gray. An expert on how to gain name recognition, she customizes media  and marketing strategies and materials to fit the client and to create optimum advantage of every opportunity for exposure. She will give us tips on propelling ourselves, our products, and our services  to the next level of success by gaining recognition as an expert in our particular field. This will be a “how to” morning to get ready for that major book deal and media attention.


May 16

Richard Schiendler

You, Your Money, and Small Change

Have you stopped short of planning for the inevitable? Have you tied up all of the loose ends so that your family will not have to do it for you?  Dick Schiendler is a co-founder of Tax & Financial Group and for more than 20 years has been a frequent speaker on the subject of “Maximum Wealth Control Strategies”  based on his book co-authored with Jay Link, “Family Wealth Counseling---Getting to the Heart of the Matter. As  a committed metaphysician for more than 35 years, Dick has integrated his “Circle of Well Being” in the planning process as he assists clients in achieving their dreams. Small, emotional and practical shifts have life changing impacts on the realization of living well.


May 9

Isha Judd

Love Has Wings

Isha Judd, author of Love Has Wings and Why Walk When You Can Fly,  is a widely recognized spiritual teacher who travels the globe showing individuals how to find the state of being she call “love-consciousness,” where every moment of life – even the most challenging and frustrating – can be filled with peace, joy, and unconditional love of self.  She offers enlightening perspective and powerful tools to transform us into powerful creators, moving beyond the perception of victimhood to embrace  joy and fulfillment. Isha lives in Uruguay and was named Ambassador for Peace by the Argentinean Senate and Citizen of the World by the International  University in Cuernavaca, Mexico.


May 4
Debi Wheeler &
Joanne LaPointe

Divas Divine

Start with one part Opera and one part Pop, season with Musical Theatre, a pinch of Gospel and a sprinkle of Drama and Comedy.  Turn up the HEAT and serve with a garnish of Feathers and Love and you have Divas Divine.   Lettuce dish you up a hearty serving of Divas Divine in a the dish that satisfies you, heart and soul.  Think back on the times when two diverse and successful entertainers joined their greatness.  Judy and Barbra!  Dino and Jerry!  Ben and Jerry!  Forget about it!  Divas Divine updates that tradition, bringing you the most sublime, hilarious and tastiest duo.

  April 25

Erin Gruwell

Newport Beach Film Festival

STORIES FROM AN UNDECLARED WAR is a feature-length documentary about The Freedom Writers Diary, a collection of journal entries written by 150 'at-risk' students from Long   Beach, California who were once considered 'unteachable.' Encouraged by teacher Erin Gruwell and inspired by the writings of Anne Frank, the students discovered a new way to express themselves and began to care more about history, humanity, and perhaps most importantly, their futures. This new documentary follows their story from the first day of Freshman Year in 1994 to the present day. Containing intimate accounts from the students of Woodrow Wilson High School's Room 203, STORIES FROM AN UNDECLARED WAR exposes the truth behind this extraordinarily inspiring story.

Between April 26th and May 3rd, the Newport Beach Film Festival, now in its 13th year, will spotlight over 350 films from 47 different countries, including feature length narrative, documentary, short, animated and student films that will compete for a series of Jury, Festival Honors, and Audience Awards. This Festival has become pre-eminent among film festivals around the world. We are pleased to partner with them again this year.


April 18

William Cloke, Ph.D.

Why Romantic Relationships Stink &
What You Can Do About It

No matter how much attraction there is at the beginning of a relationship, for love to last, it must be actively created," says Dr. Bill Cloke, an innovative and successful couples' therapist for thirty years in Los Angeles. In his new book, Happy Together: Creating A Lifetime of Connection, Commitment, and Intimacy, Dr. Cloke  teaches men and women to identify and overcome personal barriers to meaningful and satisfying connections. It's important to understand that intimacy stimulates an entire range of feelings and love the one you're with and then despise them the next day. Dr. Cloke will explain how to navigate these fluctuating feelings and life stresses.


April 11

Philip Goldberg, Ph.D.

The Great Beatles Transmission: The Fab Four as Spiritual Teachers

In 1967, the Beatles took up meditation and the whole world heard words like mantra and guru for the first time.  A few months later, they went to India for the most important spiritual retreat since Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness.  Those back-to-back events launched a wave of transformative energy, changing the course of history and Western Spirituality and producing classic songs. With the use of photos, videos, and music, Philip Goldberg will take us on a magical mystery tour, from the beginning of the Beatles’ spiritual quest, to their use of the sitar, to Maharishi and India, to George’s career as a troubadour guru, reliving the remarkable period of history that shaped our spiritual destiny.


April 4

Richard Sudek, Ph.D.


Connecting and Accelerating Entrepreneurship in Orange County

Richard Sudek is Chairman of Tech Coast Angels and Asst. Professor of Entre-preneurship at Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University. In 1982 he founded Nadek Computer Systems which he sold in 1999 to SAIC. He has served on advisory committees for Microsoft, IBM, Novell, and Cisco and currently consults extensively with startup companies on matters related to strategy, financing, and operations. Through Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel investment organization in the US, he has screened over four hundred start-up companies. His Entrepreneurship Seminar Series explores organizational, strategic and financial challenges facing entrepreneurs.

  March 21

Kristen Moeller

What are YOU Waiting For?

Kristen Moeller thrives while “disrupting the ordinary” and inspiring others to do the same. A highly respected coach, author, speaker and radio show host who holds a master’s degree in counseling, Kristen has more than 22 years experience in the field of personal development. Her Best-Selling book, Waiting for Jack: Confession of a Self-Help Junkie – How to Stop Waiting and Start Living Your Life, explores our pervasive human tendency to wait and look outside ourselves for answers. The “Jack” in her title, Jack Canfield, wrote the foreword to the book. Kristen works with new authors to birth their books and provides pay-it-forward” scholarships for transformational education.


March 21

Richard McKenzie,

HEAVY!  America:  Land of the Free –
And Home of the Fat

Richard McKenzie, Gerken Professor of Enterprise and Society in the Merage School of Business at UCI, in his new book, HEAVY!  The Surprising Reasons American is the Land of the Free – And the Home of the Fat, offers insight into the economic causes and consequences of America’s dramatic weight gain over the past half century and uncovers the follies of seeking to remedy weight problems with government intrusions.  America’s emerging “fat war” threatens to pit a shrinking population of trim Americans against an expanding population of “heavies” in raging policy debates over “fat taxes,”  “fat bans,” and “fat policies” designed to crimp waistlines and the country’s healthcare costs.


March 14

Arthur Faram

Geoglyphology: A New Tool for the Archeologist

Until now the Archeologist has gleaned information directly from the dig site. Recently it has been discovered that a great majority of the ancient architectural, monolithic, and geoglyphic structures built around the world share a linear alignment that unveils a larger story and expands the data.  Geoglyphs are motifs or designs produced on the ground by arranging stones or stone fragments. Arthur Faram, author of Ancient Signposts, will reveal how the planetary alignment of geoglyphs reveals secrets and demonstrates the explorational range of the Vikings, their sophisticated understanding of mathematics, geometry, and world geography, and their departure from Europe circa 1000 A.D.

  March 7

Roger Drummer

THE Energetics of Healing Chronic Illness

The rates of chronic illness are rising and those affected are getting younger.  Poor diet and poorer lifestyles get the bulk of the blame, but the elephant in the room is chronic stress.  The ability to handle stress nutritionally and energetically holds the key to preventing chronic illness and healing from it. Roger Drummer has spent the last 22 years exploring the energetic principles of herbs, healing, meditation, non-drug induced states of bliss, and stress patterns in connection with aging, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. He is Diplomate of Chinese Herbology and U.S. Patent Holder for growing anthocyanin rich medicinal mushrooms with the most potent immune building properties in the world.

  February 29

Jonathan Emrod

Global Censorship of Health Information

Congressman Ron Paul calls Constitutional attorney Jonathan Emord “a hero of the health freedom revolution.” Author of The Rise of Tyranny and Global Censorship of Health Information," Emord has defeated the FDA in federal court a remarkable eight times, seven on First Amendment grounds. He is justice columnist for U.S.A. Today Magazine and News with Views.  He will discuss the conflict of interests found within the FDA, its New Dietary Ingredient guidance plan which could force supplements and herbs  out of the market, FDA raids on raw milk producers, and how the government is complicit with the FDA and the FDA complicit with the major pharmacies.

  February 22

Peter McGugan

Occupy Consciousness

Our present social, spiritual and economic turning point coincides with our environmental tipping point. Peter McGugan says, “It’s high time for us to occupy higher consciousness and be the shift.” In  Peter’s newest book, Broke Open? Occupy Consciousness, he’s a rejuvenator, offering the energy keys that open this new era for humanity. As the founder of, Peter McGugan brings us astounding new social and scientific insights that prove we’re seven billion co-creators of life’s future on Earth, at energy levels we’ve never thought possible. He nurtures communities of consciousness and inspires greater hope for this global Renaissance of Consciousness.


February 15
Dr. Laurie Mintz

Sexual Passion in Mid-Life: Why It's Important and
What You Can Do to Achieve It

Have you ever found yourself wistfully longing for the sexual charge and energy of your youth?  Have you decided that midlife just isn’t the time for passionate sex?  If yes, you have reached the wrong conclusion!  Psychologist and Author Laurie Mintz will explain how midlife sex is critical to your physical, mental, and relationship health.  She will provide you with tried and true strategies to create a satisfying sex life for this wonderful stage of life. Mintz, a psychologist with over 20 years of experience helping women and men improve their sex lives,  is author of A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex, a  book which research finds increases sex drive, satisfaction, and arousal in women who read it. www.

  February 8

Dr. Tom Baba

The Body’s Inner Wisdom

“Life exists, universes abound; nothing cannot exist, so we create our playgrounds.  Our body understands the miracle of our reality.” Thus Dr. Tom Baba begins his treatise, “The Fourteen Origins of Bodily Pains and/or Death.”  Pain has a main purpose in keeping us alive, protecting our biological being and guiding us through the healing process. Although advertisers advocate avoiding pain, for the body it is a necessary to keep Nature’s balance. When your biological being is physically threatened, pain is imminent to protect the entity from being destroyed. Dr. Baba, USC graduate, practices “drug free” dentistry in Laguna Beach and will explore the significance of the 14  pain-causing categories.

  February 1

Anthony Lawlor


The Power of Patterns: Turning Limits Into Gateways
to Freedom and Joy

In the radically shifting terrain of the 21st century, if you don’t see the hidden

designs molding you and the world, a chaotic soup of random events and haphazard encounters can overwhelm you. To see the outer patterns shaping financial markets, technology, politics, sports, relationships and culture, you need to know the inner patterns of consciousness forming them. Anthony Lawlor, noted for his 30-years of award-winning architectural practice, is passionate about discovering and sharing the power, interplay, and practical wonder of patterns. His books include 24 Patterns of Wisdom, A Home for the Soul and The Temple in the House. He co-authored with Sherrie Lovler Two as  One: Poems.  

  January 25

Danny Cox

Leadership When the Heat's On

After a decade of flying fighters for the U.S. Air Force at almost twice the speed of sound, Danny turned his need for speed into a system for the business world, which transformed his average producing office into a booming industry leader. This supersonic climb resulted in an 800% increase in productivity in a five-year period along with sky-high morale. Danny’s books include Leadership When the Heat’s On, Seize the Day, and There Are No Limits. They appear in a total of twenty-eight languages. He is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame and the elite twenty member Speakers Roundtable. You will find out why he was known in the Air Force as “The Sonic Boom Salesman.” 

  January  20

Neale Donald Walsch

Shifting from Surviving to Evolving: 
Transforming Fear into Excitement

Everywhere we turn these days we hear talk of the coming difficult times ahead. People are beginning to hoard foodstuffs, gather survival tools, and develop plans for living through the days leading to the end of 2012 and beyond. But what if the complete dismantling of all our global systems was not necessary for our species to achieve what it is now clearly seeking to accomplish—the complete recreation of itself? What if there is another way?  Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch will inspire us to answer seven simple questions that could inspire a new level of spiritual awareness and launch a new kind of spiritual practice in all our lives—at a level that could fundamentally alter the times ahead  and change our collective future to navigate the waters of the world ahead as presented in Neale’s new book: The Storm Before the Calm.

  January 11

Gunther Ullmann, Ph.D.

Inverse Problems and Harry Potter's Cloak

Gunther Uhlmann, Sloan Fellow, Guggenheim Fellow, and UC Berkeley’s recipient of the Chancellor’s Award, holds the Excellence in Teaching Chair in Mathematics at the University of CA, Irvine. His research involves inverse problems, observing outside a medium the response to different types of electro-magnetic waves sent through the medium, the method by which we obtain part of our information about the world  in medical imaging, in oil exploration, in information from earthquakes about the inner structure of the earth. Dr. Ullmann will describe recent theoretical and experimental progress on making objects invisible. Observers would be unaware of the contents of the hidden region, even unaware that something was being hidden. The object, which would have no shadow, is said to be cloaked. With the right metamaterials, it might be possible to redirect tsunamis around “invisible” continents.  Imagine if Harry Potter’s cloak were real.

  January 4

Terri Langhans

Help Them Hire You! How to Grow Your Business When YOU are the Business

Do you "sell" your time, talent, creativity, healing, wisdom or expertise? Do you want to do more of it on a regular, repeatable basis? January is traditionally the time we all say we're going to buckle down and build our business, get back to marketing, revisit our outreach and networking activities, be more deliberate in getting referrals. Terri Langhans, founder and former CEO of a national ad agency that she started from scratch and grew big enough to sell to a publicly held one, offers a  fresh perspective with  simple strategies, creative ideas and tangible tools to use right away to have more impact, momentum and revenue--on a recurring, regular basis. Get ready for the New Year! 



Past Speakers
  December 19

Matthew Fox

Special Dinner Evening Meeting

Celebrating the Holiday with the Cosmic Christ

At Solstice, the darkest time of the year, we remember the Feast of Lights of Hannakah and the tradition of the Light of Christ, the Cosmic Christ, as well as Kawanza.  We will consider the role of both darkness and light in our lives and culture at this Holiday Season--things to grieve and events to celebrate as we remember the message of Divine presence among the simple ones of the world. We will celebrate the Return of the Cosmic Christ, the divine light in all beings, and its meaning in today's world begging for compassion and healing, for hope and love. Matthew Fox is an internationally acclaimed theologian who was a member of the Dominican Order for 34 years. He holds a doctorate, summa cum laude, in the History and Theology of Spirituality from the Institut Catholique de Paris. Seeking to establish a new pedagogy for learning spirituality that was grounded in an effort to reawaken the West to its own mystical traditions in such figures as Hildegard of Bingen, Meister Eckhart and  Thomas Aquinas, as well as interacting with contemporary scientists who are also mystics, Fox founded the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality. He is author of 28 books which have sold more than 1.5 million copies in 42 languages. His books have received numerous awards and he is recipient of the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award of which other recipients have included the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks and Maya Angelou. 

  December 14

Dennis Merritt Jones

The Art of Uncertainty

From the day we are born--when we enter the mystery of not knowing--until the day we leave the planet, the only way to grow is to step into the unknown. What if we discovered that a new paradigm, living in the “I don’t know” and loving it, is an art form we can all master? There is no area of our lives where we are not forced to step onto the pathway of uncertainty at one point or another. Why not enter the mystery consciously and intentionally every day? As we make living in the mystery a daily practice, we prepare ourselves for the adventure regardless of whether we are pushed onto the pathway of uncertainty by desperation or pulled by inspiration. Are you ready to come to the edge of that which is yet to be and lean over?  Throughout his lifetime, Dennis Merritt Jones has been on a quest to inspire and lift people to a higher expression of life and to guide people to their purpose. He is the author of The Art of Uncertainty ~ How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It  and The Art of Being ~ 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life. Dennis is also a columnist for the Huffington Post.  His teachings promote a contemporary, life-affirming, spiritually logical and positive outlook on life based on the belief  that there is a new consciousness of unity, cooperation and reverence rising in humankind where all life is considered sacred.  This exerts significant influence upon society as we approach the challenges of 21st century living.

  December 7

Don Beck, Ph.D.

25th Anniversary Best of the Edge

In Quest of the Master Code:  Revealing the 'DNA' that Shapes Human Cultures and Creates Political and Religious Systems - and Tea Parties

We were taken by surprise on December 7, l941 as our Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor was under attack. We did not respond well to early warnings or "weak signals." Our technology had too many gaps and our political systems were too sluggish.  We were very good at pointing fingers of blame in every direction. We still are. Clearly we need major wake-up calls today, because we live in a fragmented and dangerous world, both as a result of globalization and major redistributions of power. We now have to find new ways to connect entities and power centers with conflicting ideologies and interests. Mexico is caught in exploding violence. Our political system is growing in us vs them extremity and partisanship. What will happen when the "Arab Spring" becomes the Arab Winter? Our financial system is still in disarray. The 2012 Presidental campaign and election may give credence to the Mayan Prophecy. Facebook, Twitter, and other media forms will create instant swarms and rapidly change loyalties. What if we had them in 1941?  Many are looking for a "Third Way" in our own political world and a fresh instruction to untie global knots.  Dr. Don Beck will focus on the Master Code, a Spiral Dynamics informed framework for constructing the Integral World, an intelligence for surviving in the 21st Century.  See how to use The Code in your own life and experience the simplicity on the other side of complexity.

  November 30

Mark LeBlanc

25th Anniversary Best of the Edge

New Ways with Old Obstacles

In Mark’s new book, Never Be the Same, he recounts his 500 mile hike across Northern Spain, one more significant milestone in a life spent coaching over 1,000 business owners on how to grow their business.  He returns to share with us the three reasons why people fail in their work or never really achieve the success or fulfillment they desperately desire and deserve.  You will learn how to think and make decisions differently.  Mark believes you don’t need to be the best, you simply need to do your best.  What matters most is how you feel at the end of the day when you answer the question:  “Did I trade this day to survive or did I trade my time and talent in the direction of my dream?”

  November 23

Alan Kaufman

Drunken Angel

Alan Kaufman, American novelist, memoirist and poet,  is the author of the novel Matches, a critically-acclaimed memoir, Jew Boy, and the award-winning editor of several anthologies, most notably The Outlaw Bible of American Literature.  He recounts with unvarnished honesty the story of the alcoholism that took him to the brink of death, the PTSD that drove him to the edge of madness, and the love that brought him back.  Son of a French Holocaust survivor, Kaufman was a drinker so mauled by his indulgences that it is a marvel that he hung on long enough to get into recovery with his estranged daughter as inspiration.  Kaufman looks back on a life pickled, wasted, and reclaimed.

  November 16

Jan Phillips

Evolutionary Creativity and the Rise of Spiritual Intelligence

Jan Phillips’ new book  is No Ordinary Timethe Art of Spiritual Intelligence and Evolutionary Creativity.  She is also the author of The Art of Original Thinking-The Making of a Thought Leader, Divining the Body, Marry Your Muse, God is at Eye Level, Making Peace, and A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind. Jan, an evolutionary artist, author, workshop director social activist, is co-founder and Executive Director of the Livingkindness Foundation, a global network of grassroots philanthropists turning creativity into compassionate action and co-founder of Syracuse Cultural Workers. She has taught in 23 countries, produced 2 CDs of original music, and created videos on the power of creativity.

  November 9

Dr. Robert K.C. Forman

What Are We Actually After?

What if you spent years and years of your life seeking religious or spiritual enlightenment, but were looking in the wrong place the whole time? It’s happening right now to millions of seekers around the world. Robert K.C. Forman,  an internationally renowned scholar of religious experiences, author of Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be:  A Journey of Discovery and  Snow and Jazz in the Soul, will lead us in a conversation about both the traditional spiritual goals and the life goals that we’re actually after.   What might be a saner telos for us today?   Dr. Forman, who hasn’t missed a day of meditation in 40 years,  is Founding Director of the Forge Institute, which teaches people to become soulful together.

Click here to see Dr. Robert Forman's presentation on You Tube

  November 2

Marilyn Sherman

Why Settle for the Balcony?
How to get a Front-Row Seat in Life!

Have you ever felt like everyone around you is sitting in the front-row and you're stuck in general admission or the balcony?  Motivational Speaker and author, Marilyn Sherman will inspire you to get out of the balcony of your life and live it in the front-row.  She believes that with the right attitude, ANY seat can be a front-row seat!  You'll learn, you'll laugh, and you will see that you have a choice as to where all of your seats are and you too can move them up to the front-row! She is the author of several motivational books: Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?; Why Settle for the Balcony? How to get a Front-Row seat in Life!; and My Ticket to the Front-Row.

  October 26

Diana von Welanetz Wentworth

"Best of the Edge"

What's next? Exploring the Road Not Yet Traveled

Diana von Welanetz Wentworth  has enjoyed a distinguished career as television personality, author,  and, with her late husband Paul von Welanetz, founder of the Inside Edge in 1986.  She is recognized as an authority on international cuisine, and was one of the first to be invited by Canfield and Hansen to write a book in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Twenty-five years later, she is in the midst of her largest reinvention yet.  She invites us to ask:  How can we make our elder years the most dynamic, vibrant years?  What heart-calling have you yet to explore?  She will share a range of possibilities for all of us and offer a sample of the world she and her husband Ted Wentworth are creating.

  October 19

Richard Moss, M.D.

Inside-Out Healing:  Transforming Your Life through the Power of Presence

There are four places the mind goes when it leaves present-moment awareness, creating mental and emotional suffering, intensifying physical pain, and hindering healing.  Dr. Richard Moss, internationally respected as a visionary thinker, teacher and author of six books on transformation, self healing, and the art of conscious living, is well known for the deep experiential nature of his work where people learn holistically with their mind, body, and feelings.  He offers tools to enhance our ability to incorporate present-moment awareness into our daily lives to support change and to bridge the gap between knowing about presence and living presence, a shift of consciousness to liberate your mind and heart.

  October 12

Thaddeus Russell

A Renegade History of the United States

Thaddeus Russell, historian, cultural critic, scholar, and teacher at Occidental College, has expressed radical interpretations in The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Los Angeles Times,  Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor and his first book, Out of the Jungle, about Jimmy Hoffa.   He will juxtapose “typical” American beliefs about weekends, vacations, leisure, dancing, pop music, women’s rights, and sex outside of marriage with his introduction of our cultural ancestors, the unacknowledged pioneers of American freedom: drunks, prostitutes, lazy workers, shiftless slaves, and what John Adams called the "vicious," "vile," and "depraved" of early America.

  October 7

Louise Hauck

"Best of the Edge"

Streaming Consciousness: It Works Like the Internet

Louise Hauck, author of Beyond Boundaries, Heart-Links and Fearless Future, has shared her psychic experiences in communicating with the other side as an intuitive spiritual counselor.  She returns to teach a method of intuiting that uses the metaphor of the Internet as a model for how we all can connect, receive and decipher multi-dimensional information, demonstrating on the spot how to log in to Streaming Consciousness,  information extending beyond this space-time continuum, to download data from the non-physical dimension, and finally, to translate symbols and images into a linear format.  As your telepathic gifts emerge, you connect with the seamless, infinite, eternal.

  September 28

Christine Stevens

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”
Rhythm of the Soul

Christine Stevens, internationally acclaimed music therapist, author and speaker, ignites the rhythm and musical spirit within every soul.  She is the author of The Healing Drum Kit, The Art and Heart of Drum Circles, and is featured in the movie Discover the Gift.  In 2007, Christine led the first drum circle training for conflict resolution and peace making in Iraq. There Christine discovered a type of medicine wheel of music involving melody, rhythm, harmony, and silence.  She takes us on a journey weaving each element together to access our individual creativity and our sense of oneness through the common pulse we all share.

  September 21

Alison A. Armstrong


25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

Getting What You Need: What Does Pressure
Got to Do with It?

Alison Armstrong,  creator of the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women® workshops  and author of  Keys to the Kingdom,   Making Sense of Men ~ A Woman's Guide to a Lifetime of Love, and Care and Attention from All Men , transforms the way women relate to men.  You might think that love has everything to do with getting what you need: If they love you, they'll provide what you ask, right? Wrong. Pressure has more to do with getting what you need than the feelings of the person you need it from. Alison will teach you how "to have a great ASK" and use "the predictable escalation of pressure" to get what you need with less effort, more respect and by telling the truth in all of your relationships.     


September 14

Susyn Reeve

Say “Yes” to Your Inspired Life

As a teen Susyn Reeve wrote, “What would the world be like if everyone loved themselves?” During her 35 years as a Coach, Corporate Consultant and InterFaith Minister, this question has guided her work. The co-creator of and author of Choose Peace and Happiness, in her new book, The Inspired Life, she asks:  “Did you know that the spark of an inspired life is alive in you right now?” Susyn demonstrates by using the techniques in this book, whatever your circumstances, you can activate your untapped creative potential and transform fear, anger, worry, regret, and uncertainty  into the stepping stones to a life of purpose, contribution, joy and love.

  September 7

Gary Stromberg

The Harder They Fall

Gary Stromberg, head of The Blackbird Group, honors National Recovery Month with an eye opening look at prominent women in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Stromberg, filmmaker and author of four books on recovery, including The Harder They Fall: Celebrities Their Real-Life Stories of Addiction and Recovery, Feeding the Fame, and Second Chances, as well as his newest book, She's Come Undone, co-founded Gibson & Stromberg, an influential entertainment public relations firm of the 70's, representing such luminaries as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Barbra Streisand, Muhammad Ali, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Ray Charles, The Doors, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Click here to see Gary Stromberg's presentation on You Tube

  August 31

Dr. Margaret Cochran

Using the Enneagram to Create Health,
Happiness, and Wellness

Dr. Margaret Cochran, clinical social worker and Transpersonal Psychologist, educator and author with 29 years of clinical experience, Dr. Cochran created a concept called PSIchology™ in which, as a licensed clinical professional she works in tandem with others, from medical doctors attaining psychological insights and diagnosis though physical examination and blood work, to intuitives, attaining insights from the patient's energy. She will demonstrate how to use each point on the Enneagram to help you in business and day to day life, and to create your personal unique state of  health, happiness and wellness:  The “Heart Point,”  “Stress Point,”  “Wings,” and a “Body Center.”

  August 24

Barbara Roberts

Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance

What does YOUR face say? Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, or  business executive, Face Reading will give you the inner intuitive edge to understanding people. Abraham Lincoln hand selected his Cabinet by using this psychological-spiritual system.  Barbara Roberts has appeared on Tyra Banks, NBC Nightly News, The Learning Channel and 50+ national/local TV Shows. Using her background (Clinical Medical Research, UCSD), she has looked at 6,000 people's faces in her 350 classes (US Navy, Jenny Craig, Wells Fargo, UCSD Diversity Conference, Hospice.) She will be teaching us  patterns of personality which are universal. Barbara will be reading the faces of those who come.

  August 17

Marie Lawson Fiala

I Could Tell You a Story:  The Art of Memoir

When Marie Lawson Fiala’s teenage son was struck down by a cerebral hemorrhage, her family’s life changed forever. Her memoir of that experience, Letters from a Distant Shore, is  poignant, lyrical, and honest. Her writing has been likened to Joan Didion’s and Anne Lamott’s in the beauty of the prose, its uplifting quality, and its relevance to anyone who has encountered an unexpected turn in life’s fortunes. Marie, who holds A.B. and J.D. degrees from Stanford and an M.F.A., will speak to the art and craft of writing memoir.  If the work of the memoirist is to tease out the pattern that exists in life, how does the writer select what  personal material to dredge up and put on the page?

Click here to see Marie Lawson Fiala's presentation on You Tube

  August 10

Jay Allen

Humans For Giving - 'In Training' and 'In Healing'
to Live Our True Essence

Jay Allen is a former athlete turned spiritual teacher of the new, emerging wisdom and truth. He was given fifteen months to live twenty years ago and wrote the book he was literally dying to read! He is the author of Humans In Training – Everything you need, you already have… you must simply learn how to use what has already been created within and his latest book Humans In Healing – The Shift from Fear to Love. Life is not meant to be a struggle.  We live in an intelligent spiritual system that knows what it is doing and will do what it takes to remind us who we truly are and why we are here. Discover how we are all “In Training” and “In Healing” to live our true essence in harmony with a Higher Will and Purpose. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world…

  August 5

Boris Fritz

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

The Next Industrial Revolution: Nanotechnology, Additive Manufacturing, and Beyond

Boris Fritz, aerospace engineer with Northrop Grumman with a quarter-century of experience and holder of three patents, founded the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Nanomanufacturing Technical Group.  As he looks toward the future, he asks:  How will these technologies affect our lives and invade our bodies?  Even today’s technology would seem like magic to someone only 100 years ago and unthinkable for anyone 200 years ago.  What will life be like in the next 100 years?  Even 50 years from now is difficult to predict at the speed our  technology is advancing.  Is technology here to stay?  Ancient civilizations have deep insights into what will come next and what will follow after technology is transformed into more advanced human capabilities. 

Click here to see Boris Fritz's presentation on You Tube

  July 27

Amy Shimson-Santo, Ph.D.

Arts = Education:  Reflections on Teaching and Learning through the Arts

When budget cuts are made, the Arts are the first thing to go, a huge mistake in judgment. Amy Shimshon-Santo, former head of ArtsBridge at UCLA, is an artist, educator, and activist interested in how arts education impacts healing and social justice and how creativity and the arts energize personal and social transformation.   She inspires people to honor their own unique voices, build community across divides that separate us, and  invigorate democracy from the group up through our everyday actions.  Amy’s eclectic arts and education background informs her research in  Arts = Education which high-lights teaching and learning through dance, music, visual arts, architecture, and design.

Click here to see Amy Shimson-Santo's presentation on You Tube

  July 20

Jack Canfield

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”


The Success Principles for a New Age

Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, teaches the Success Principles which empower those he coaches to determine values, vision, mission, purpose and goals. In this age of distractions, he focuses on motivation, prioritization, and reality testing. He encourages us to use feedback to our advantage, to create environments that support success, to structure actions around our core genius, and to prune relationships that do not support our success.  Clarity is power, and the most important ten minutes of the day is devoted to visualization. His Inner Circle Club joins together a community of people who study and master the principles of success to have more joy and more money.

  July 13

Larry Jacobson

Around the World in 2070 Days

In The Boy Behind the Gate, Larry Jacobson tells the tale of his gutsy move to trade the security of home, career, and relationship to realize his life-long dream to sail around the world.  In his six-year voyage, he was chased by a Komodo Dragon, sailed through Pirate Alley alone, endured a huge storm in the Red Sea, and experienced cultures, food, frustrations, mechanical breakdowns, and joy. This true-life tale of challenge, danger, and love is an inspiration to untie your lines, break free, and follow your heart. A California native and UC Irvine alumni, Larry grew up on the ocean and became an expert in the corporate marketing world as president of one of the premier incentive travel companies.

  July 6

David Markovitz

Teddy Roosevelt: Leadership at the Speed of Change

To put us into a patriotic mood to celebrate our National Independence Day, David Markovitz appears as Teddy Roosevelt, in full costume, to the tune of a rousing Sousa march, protected by Secret Service agents, addressing two key issues facing business today:  Effective Leadership and Managing Change.  David puts these into perspective by identifying the changes that occurred during Teddy’s lifetime (1858-1919).  By outlining the leadership strategies Teddy used to master these changes in his day, you will discover simple, straightforward tips to help you reach your personal pinnacle of success.  His Press Conference follows his talk. You may ply him with questions, historical or current.

  June 29

Lee Gerdes

Becoming a Limitless You: Neuroplasticity and
the Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain

“Brainologist” Lee Gerdes, founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies®, created Brainwave Optimization™ to heal from the brain trauma of a violent assault, using his background as a mathematician, physicist, computer scientist, theologian and psychologist to arrive at a new understanding of how humans can readily understand and access their inherent brain power.  He has used this technology in his work with inmates, soldiers, children with learning difficulties, addicts, insomniacs, and  athletes; and he will help you learn how to “see” what’s happening in your own brain and how the brain can change itself  to become a balanced brain to help you move beyond current limitations.

Click here to see Lee Gerdes's presentation on YouTube

  June 22

Ronnie Kovach

Dancing With the Shadows: Navigating the Dark Night

Ronnie Kovach shares his experience on the spiritual journey from “Power and Surviving” to “Peace and Thriving.”  After experiencing violence and rage during his upbringing, Kovach had repressed his childhood memories.  When he began to uncover the truth of who he really was, he was led to his personal survival and evolution of the heart, moving through three phases of the Dark Night of the Soul:  the encounter with violence; the survival tactics to deal with pain and suffering; the emergence as a true spiritual warrior.   He will draw from the seminal works of those who teach the power of forgiveness and compassion:  Jesus, Buddha, the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, and Mandela.

  June 15

Robert Mauer, Ph.D.

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

Changing for Good: Strategies for Effective Individual and Organizational Change

Human beings have a natural desire to change and improve, but also to resist change and to cling to the familiar. How do we reconcile these tendencies and maximize our potential as individuals and work groups?  Dr. Robert Maurer, faculty member of the UCLA School of Medicine, author of The Kaizan Way, and initiating leader of The Science of Excellence,  will explore 1) how fear effects change and how to use it to assist rather than hinder change; 2) two strategies for change;  3) how to mobilize the staff of an organization to be involved in a change culture to maximize innovation; 4) common ‘Myth-Understandings” about innovation; 5) how to make change simple and fun.

  June 10

Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”
Birth 2012: Co-creating the Planetary Shift - How to Participate in Making the Shift in Time

Noted author, futurist, citizen diplomat, social architect, and the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s new biography, The Mother of Invention: The Legacy of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Future of YOU, Barbara is at the forefront of an emergent worldview:  Conscious Evolution, defining a quantum change unleashing evolutionary forces to embody intensified creativity, deepening spirituality, and environmental systems awareness.  She urges us to join BIRTH 2012, based on her intuition that "our crisis is a birth" moving us toward a Planetary  Birthing Experience, celebrating what is working, loving, innovative, and vital to our emergence now to create a new civilization.

  June 1

Allen Klein

Funny Bones: Humor in Not So Funny Times

Allen Klein, recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, is the author of seventeen books including, The Healing Power of Humor, The Courage to Laugh, Change Your Life!: A Little Book of Big Ideas, and Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying. He will demonstrate how to get and keep your perspective with humor, how to use humor to cope with changes and challenges, and how to relieve stress with humor, offering tips and techniques for increasing your sense of humor to deal with not-so-funny stuff.  You will also leave with a smile on your face and a fun-filled prop to help you remember to lighten up long after this program has ended.

  May 25

Elza Maalouf

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

An Inside View of Rapid Change in the Middle East

Elza Maalouf is a translator of cultures with rare insight into the recent eruption of change and the assertion of human dignity in the Middle East.  Born in Lebanon, educated as an attorney, and working as a corporate executive bridging the Middle East and the United States, she has been leading innovation within the Islamic world to identify complex thinking to unblock stalemates and facilitate the emergence of Arabs into their 21st century Renaissance. She is the CEO of the Center for Human Emergence-Middle East, a non-profit research and strategic design center that integrates different modes of thought and value-system priorities with geo-economic elements within the Arab world.

  May 18

Walter Cruttenden

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

The Cosmic Influence:
A Framework for Epochal Changes in Consciousness

Ancient cultures around the world spoke of a vast cycle of time with alternating dark and golden ages; Plato called it the Great Year. Recent archaeological and anthropological evidence suggests that long before the classical Dark Age, mankind had knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, advanced engineering techniques and many other capabilities that don’t easily fit the linear paradigm.  Walter explores the possibility that the precession of the equinox, beyond producing changes in our ionosphere, magnetosphere, and the ebb and flow of the ice ages, might also be the indirect mechanism resulting in the waxing and waning of consciousness implied in the writings of men from Hesiod to Newton.

  May 11

Daniel Miller

Decontrol Your Life: Thriving and Prospering with Freedom & Contentment

Danny graduated from UCLA with honors in business administration, finished in the top 5 percent of his class at the UCLA School of Law, and in his thirties published the critically acclaimed, best selling, How To Invest in Real Estate Syndicates. But for all his achievements and success, he had no sense of inner peace and serenity.   After a series of personal setbacks, he began a new life journey based on letting go of control in which he has found a more profound kind of success-an internal, core sense of well-being.   If you let go of control and let events unfold without resisting, what would your life be like?  Daniel Miller, author of  Losing Control, Finding Serenity ,will answer those questions.

  May 4

Phil Cousineau

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”
Beyond Forgiveness

Phil Cousineau, award-winning writer, filmmaker, editor, lecturer, cultural observer, TV host, wordsmith, and baseball expert, has been designated as the consummate Inside Edge presenter.  He comes to us with his most recent book, Beyond Forgiveness:  Reflections on Atonement.  He will open our hearts with stories that demonstrate that even the most painful of the wrongs that are done to us can be forgiven and transformed, contributing to the healing of the world.He shows that acts of atonement – healing the past, making amends, providing restitution, restoring balance – can relieve us of the pain of the past, break the tragic cycles of violence and revenge, and give us a hopeful future.

  April 27

Summer Love

Newport Beach Film Festival
Sounds Like a Revolution

The Inside Edge joins with the Newport Beach Film Festival to present documentary filmmaker, Summer Love.  She bring the award-winning Sounds Like a Revolution, a pro-active and  energizing documentary about a new generation of activist musicians who are living proof that music is an important and powerful tool in the ongoing struggle for social change. From the Dixie Chicks to Paris, Michael Franti and Anti-Flag, artists across the musical spectrum discuss their motivations and struggles in a post-9/11 environment when dissent was silenced and media outlets either ignored them or forced them into self-censorship before their material was released. With themes that explore the role of artists in society, freedom of expression and democratic participation, Sounds Like a Revolution tells a universal story of how we are all politicized by the increasingly dangerous world in which we live, and begs the question: Will you stand up for truth or turn and walk away?

  April 22

Dan Millman

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

The Four Purposes of Life: Finding Meaning and Directions in a Changing World

Dan Millman, a former world-champion gymnast, martial arts instructor, and college professor, teaches practical ways to live with greater clarity and compassion, in the present moment, with a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit.  Dan is author of the classic tale of transformation, Way of the Peaceful Warrior — adapted both to film and a new graphic novel — and has also written 15 other books read by millions of people in 29 languages. He teaches worldwide and has influenced men and women from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, sports, entertainment and the arts. His The Four Purposes of Life is a 2011 publication.

  April 13

William Powers

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

What's Your 12x12? Transforming the Ecological Crisis into Prosperity and Joy

Following the release of his Library Journal  “green living” national best selling book, Twelve by Twelve: A One Room Cabin Off the Grid & Beyond the American Dream, William Powers—who has lived for a decade in indigenous cultures around the world and has appeared on NBC and ABC TV, NPR’s Fresh Air  and in the NY Times, Washington Post, and Atlantic Monthly—has been traveling the United States urging people to ask themselves What’s your 12x12? How do we cut through clutter and find the elusive place of enough. Powers converses about guilt-free, joyful ecological living to unleash creativity, global solidarity, and entrepreneurship to seize this unprecedented opportunity to forge something completely new.

  April 6

Gregg Levoy

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

Finding the Authentic Life

Callings are urgings from the deep self that tell us what it will take to make our lives literally "come true," pointing us toward awakenings, course-corrections and powerful authenticity. Gregg Levoy, author of Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life, rated among the "Top 20 Career Publications" by the Workforce Information Group, will explore the psychological, spiritual, and practical processes we encounter in listening and responding to our callings and the questions that arise naturally in the presence of any call: What does it ask for us? How do we tell the true call from the siren-song? How do we handle our resistance to it? What happens when we say no? What happens when we say yes?

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  March 30

Erwin Chemerinsky

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

The Roberts Court & the Future of Constitutional Law

With two new Supreme Court justices in the past two years, it is a different Court from any before in American history.  But what will these new justices mean for the future of constitutional rights?  What is the likely impact of the Roberts Court and how will it be affected by the Obama presidency?  What will it mean for each of us and our lives?  All of this will be considered in the examination of the Roberts Court and the Future of Constitutional Law.  Erwin Chemerinsky,  Dean of the recently founded Law School at UCI, named by Legal Affairs as “ one of the top 20 legal thinkers in America,”  is the author of Federal Jurisdiction, Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies, Constitutional Law, and Interpreting the Constitution.

  March 23

Peter Rodger

Oh My God

Peter Rodger grew up looking through a camera lens. His skill with the lens made him one of the most sought-after talents in the European and United States Advertising Industry.  Peter has exhibited his fine art work all over the world, has won numerous awards for his filmed work, and has penned eight screenplays: Bystander, Comfort of the Storm, Here Again, Mrs. Carr, Swapped, Publication Day, The Ban, Frank and Jake. After three years of filming across 23 countries, he produced and directed the epic non-fiction film entitled “Oh My God” – which explores people’s diverse opinions and perceptions of God. This month Hay House publishes his first book, The OMG Chronicles.

  March 16

Gail Minogue

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

2011-2019: The Heat Is On—Fast-Moving Years of Upheavals and Unexpected Surprises

Gail Minogue, Numerologist, author of Divine Design and The Invisible Plan, integrates “real world” experience and timing with the symbolic relationship with numbers and ancient science.  She will present an overview of the next 8 years--a cycle that revisits experiences of both 1930 and the American Revolution.  How do we prepare ourselves for this important time in rewriting America's social contract? Will manufacturing ever return to America?  What political, financial and cultural norms will be replaced?  Gail will be presenting information on the changes and outcomes and what adjustments we all will be making to benefit from this period.  You do not want to miss this important talk.

  March 9

John de Strakosch

Uncommon Safari: In Search of a Common Ground – Life Itself

John de Strakosch and his wife, Catherine, travel to learn deeply about ourselves and the world we live in by focusing on the confluence of nature and native peoples, where simpler living often presents a mirror for us to clarify our own thoughts and under-standings.  They returned to East Africa for the third time in the summer of 2010, ostensibly to look for the gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda and the Great Migrations of Tanzania. What they found was so much more. John will give us the most personal experience possible as we climb the steep, 9000 foot rain forest mountains in search of the world's last remaining Mountain Gorillas, bringing us stories from far away places.

  March 2


Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change
into Gift and Opportunity

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is a best-selling author and artist, with sixteen titles in print and  over two million books sold, including the national bestsellers Succulent Wild Woman, Bodacious Book of Succulence, Eat Mangoes Naked, Prosperity Pie, and Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper.. She is also the founder of Planet SARK, a thriving business that creates innovative products and services to support empowered living. Her newest book, Glad No Matter What, is NOT about being glad when you're not – how annoying, but about feeling the glad parts in ALL of your feelings, and learning and practicing transformational skills as a “ change agent."

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  February 23

Rama Jyoti Vernon

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”
Building a New World through Love

Rama Jyoti Vernon has applied Yoga philosophy to international peacemaking based on the idea that people can join together to initiate solutions for political, economic, ecological, humanitarian and cultural conflicts.  Her work is based on the understanding that love and fear cannot co-exist.  Hate-mongering in times of fear and insecurity, making the other person “wrong” to make ourselves right, puts us asleep to truth. Perception becomes misconception.   We need to look at the terrorist within us to transcend the borders of separation, to move to the unification of consciousness, to Love, the greatest power in the Universe, transcending all borders we create with our own self-limitations.

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  February 16

John Dering

The Future of Electromagnetic Energy in the 21st Century

John Dering, the senior scientist for research and applications in Lasers and Special Projects at Scientific Applications and Research Associates (SARA, Inc.), is a physicist specializing in technology for the generation and application of intense electromagnetic and acoustic fields and wave energy  .He has made television appearances on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the BBC and ABC’s 20/20.  Maxwell formulated laws of electromagnetics; Tesla invented rotating magnetic-fields; Bose investigated bio-electromagnetism, and Einstein published “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies.” John will astonish you with the future applications of  Electro-Magnetic Energy.

  February 9

Robin & Michael Mastro

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

Tools for Transformation in Times of Uncertainty and Stress

Michael and Robin Mastro, authors, teachers, and founders of Vastu Creations, LLC and the American Institute of Vastu,  are leading experts of Vastu Shastra, the science of architectural placement that eliminates environmental stress. As teachers of meditation and ancient breathing techniques with their knowledge and insight, they will share with you ways to eliminate stress and find balance and peace during these changing times. Robin, an Environmental Designer and Michael, an award-winning builder, designing and building for  Microsoft and Boeing, among thousands of clients, have presented to audiences world-wide, including Intel, World Bank, NASA, Amazon, and Microsoft.

  February 2

Bill Smoot

Conversations with Great Teachers

Bill Smoot, a teacher for over thirty years at levels ranging from sixth grade to graduate school, currently at the Castilleja School in Palo Alto, embarked on a project to find and interview American's greatest teachers in all walks of life.  His book, Conversations with Great Teachers was published this year by Indiana University Press.  He presents a fascinating cast of characters, from a first-grade teacher to a Harvard Physics professor, with artists and professionals from many fields who teach their life lessons and skills.  He will share with us how these interviews spoke to him about the essence of great teaching, the nature of wisdom, and the learning that must be part of every successful society.

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  January 26

Dr. Linda Levine

Memory and Emotion: How We Learn to Keep Our Cool

Dr. Linda Levine, Professor in the Department of Psychology and Social Behavior at the University of California, Irvine, explores developmental pathways to effective emotion regulation.  Her research concerns cognitive processes that evoke emotions, the effect of emotions on memory, and the relations between them.  She focuses on how children’s emotions change during development, how they become regulated, and how automatic changes in emotional experience occur as developing cognitive abilities allow for increasingly complex appraisals of events, contributing  to the ability to deliberately alter emotional responses with consequences for learning, social skills, and mental health.

  January 19

Tom Zender

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

God Goes to Work: Raising Business Consciousness
for Organizational Integrity

Tom Zender uniquely combines a dual background in business and spirituality.  He held management roles with General Electric, Honeywell, and ITT and sr. vice-president roles in Fortune 500 and NASDAQ corporations, as well as serving on corporate boards of publicly-held corporations.   He served for six years as the President of Unity, has served on the boards of numerous non-profits, and currently serves on the boards of the Forum for Global New Thought and Evolutionary Leaders. The author of God Goes to Work:  New Thought Paths to Prosperity and Profits, he offers a roadmap for bringing the power of  Spiritual Transactions to take organizations to the edge of working potential.

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  January 12

Judy Reeves

Taking Pen in Hand—How to be a Writer Who Writes

Judy Reeves’s holistic approach addresses every aspect of what makes creativity possible. If you want to write a novel, a screenplay, a short story--if you want to write anything, the first step is to start writing. The next step is the tricky one and the one where most would-be writers trip up: keep writing. Writer, teacher and writing practice provocateur, Judy Reeves is the author of four books on the craft, most recently the Revised Edition of A Writer’s Book of Days, A Spirited Companion & Lively Muse for the Writing Life. She’ll discuss the concept of writing practice and offer tips and techniques on how to discover what you want to write about and how to be a writer who writes every day.

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  January 7

Dr.Jean Houston

25th Anniversary “Best of the Edge”

Baffled No More

You are haunted by a specter, the grand finale of the world as we have known it, yet know yourselves to be people of the parenthesis, living at the end of one era, but not quite at the beginning of the new one. You labored in various fields to make things better, tried to understand the change of which you are a part, and you are frustrated, baffled even, by what must seem the most implausible, improbable series of happenings ever.  The maps no longer fit the territories in this era of quantum change with its radical deconstruction and reconstruction.  In her own unique, radically original, often hilarious manner, Dr. Jean Houston, will offer her own breathtaking take on what is actually going on, to fill you with a passion for the possible and an end to states of pessimism and grumpiness.

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  December 15

Laura Pulido &
Jocelyn Woo

Technology + Etiquette = Effectiveness

Laura Pulido, CEO of the Protocol Institute, is a graduate of the Emily Post Institute and The American School of Protocol. Jocelyn Woo, CCO, is distinguished for developing successful business solutions with a “customer-centric” focus. They will identify the latest technological trends and their impact on how we relate to one another with the increasing reliance on mobile phones and the social media for communication. They will engage us  in  a fun  activity to  demonstrate how technology can be used to teach and equip the digital literate audience to connect both online and offline and to restore  healthy, vibrant relationships founded on appropriate, considerate, and truthful behavior.

  December 8

Michael Krasny

I Don't Know: The Nature of Spiritual Envy and
Why Agnosticism Makes Sense

Michael Krasny, award-winning host of NPR/KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny, is an English Professor at San Francisco State University and acclaimed scholar and critic. In October, 2010, he published Spiritual Envy:  An Agnostic’s Quest, Unlike authors who emphatically say No! or Yes! To God, Michael joins the millions who know they don’t know. He does not discount belief systems or ridicule faith, but rather seeks, exploring morality, eternal life, why we do good, and why evil sometimes triumphs, in a quest informed by artists, scientists, and world events. He engages us in a deeply wise, warmly welcoming conversation, inviting our own questions and possibly inconclusive answers.

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  December 1

Peggy Rubin

The Actor Inside: Living Life as Sacred Theatre

Peggy Nash Rubin , Director of the Centre for Sacred Theater in Ashland, Oregon, has recently published To Be and How to BE – Transforming Your Life Through Sacred Theater, proclaiming “A Star is born, and that Star is You.” Many have experienced her work with Dr. Jean Houston’s Mystery School. Known for her dynamic and creative visioning methods which allow participants  to perceive their lives as a grand and ever-changing play, Peggy will explore the power of story, especially your own story, in order to champion your destiny and to discover the drama of your soul and the purpose of your life.

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  November 24

Philip Goldberg

American Veda: How Indian Spirituality Changed the West

In 1968, the Beatles went to India for an extended stay with their new guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a spiritual retreat that exploded  the ancient philosophy of Vedanta and the mind-body methods of Yoga into popular Western culture, an  introduction that actually began when translations of Hindu texts penetrated the thinking of  John Adams and Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the ideas spread to Thoreau, Whitman, and succeeding generations of receptive Americans, who absorbed India’s “science of consciousness.” Philip Goldberg, author, director for, and Huffington Post  blogger on religion, traces this movement from Emerson to the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation.

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  November 17

BJ Gallagher

The Power of Positive DOING

BJ Gallagher is a former manager of training and development for the LA Times, who left the newspaper to share her message of “The Power of Positive DOING”  to a broader audience of of corporations, small businesses, and professional groups.  She blogs regularly for the Huffington Post and has written several award-winning books. The Power of Positive DOING is a call to action to get participants fired up to take steps toward their hearts’ desires, moving beyond practicing the Law of Attraction to the missing step: ACTION. She demonstrates how to take steps forward, get the ball rolling and lay the groundwork to jump-start your personal and professional

  November 10

Jeffrey L. Krichmar, Ph.D.

Understanding Cognition through
Building Brain-Inspired Robots

One of the Grand Challenges posed by the National Academy of Engineering is to reverse-engineer the brain.  Jeffrey Krichmar, whose research interests include neurobotics and embodied cognition, is an Associate Professor in both the Department of Cognitive Sciences and the Department of Computer Science at UCI.  His group is attempting to meet the Academy’s challenge by building detailed models of the brain that control the behavior of autonomous robots. This approach provides a powerful tool for understanding brain and cognitive function, and may provide the groundwork for the development of intelligent machines that follow neurobiological rather than computational principles.

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  November 3

Spencer Sherman

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: A No-Nonsense Approach
to Sustainable Finances and Peace

Spencer Sherman, the author of the bestselling book, The Cure for Money Madness, a practical method for increasing self-awareness around money and overcoming distorted childhood perceptions, is named by Worth magazine as one of the country’s top 100 wealth advisors. Spencer  is the CEO and co-founder of Abacus Wealth Partners, an independent,  national wealth advisory firm with offices in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Philadelphia. He created the Rainbow Portfolio™, a highly diverse and sustainable wealth-building strategy, which has beaten the S&P 500 over the long-term. He earned his M.B.A. in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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  October 29

Tim Piering

The Inside Edge Launches its 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Act III: The Tools and Practices
to Integrate the Energy and Wisdom of Maturity

Tim Piering, VP and Manager of Engineering of Parsons Engineering Corp.,  helped Diana and Paul von Welanetz launch the Inside Edge 25 years ago.  The question now: “What’s  next?” When Diana and Tim met recently, Diana observed that “Act III” is the point in the play where it all integrates and comes together.  The tools and practices in the third act present new possibilities for artistry and creativity to flower. Tim will discuss how to make Act III the most fulfilling, with “System Requirements” to design components for specific results, Jungian Dream work, completing our past, accepting mortality, weaving, as an Alchemist, a tapestry of balanced living.

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  October 20

Daphne Rose Kingma

Crisis Is an Opportunity for Transcendence

Daphne Rose Kingma is the author of the bestsellers Coming Apart, The Men We Never Knew, and The Future of Love. Her recent book, The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart, looks straight into the predicaments so many face and then offers ten deceptively simple yet profoundly effective strategies for addressing despair on practical, emotional, and spiritual levels. A six-time guest on Oprah, Daphne offers the tools to face and learn from whatever devastating life crises we may be navigating, to come to the larger truth of our lives.  Her compassionate insight provides a security blanket for tough times.

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  October 13

Andrew J. Mellen

Unstuff Your Life: Kick the Clutter Habit and Transform Your Life

Andrew J.  Mellen, aka Virgoman,  professional organizer and life coach, has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, and on  HGTV and NPR.  He has created unique and lasting techniques for streamlined living, bringing order out of chaos.  Built from the premise that we must distinguish ourselves from our possessions, he acknowledges it is often the “stuff behind the stuff” that holds people back.  His new book, Unstuff Your Life! starts with achievable goals and  works toward the nightmare projects everyone tries hard to avoid. You will learn from him how to get past your feelings and reclaim your space.

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  October 6

Louise Hauck

How to Let Your Spirit Move You

Louise P. Hauck, futurist, intuitive, and time- traveling clairvoyant,  is the author of Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer, Heart-Links, and Fearless Future.  She has had the gift from early childhood to view beyond the physical dimension where all time exists simultaneously, thus challenging our limited perceptions of time and piercing the illusion of death. She opens a corridor to the past, through which we receive gifts from our challenges, and to the future, from where a higher, expanded aspect of our consciousness, Source, nurtures and guides us in the present.  She shows how it is possible to change the past and shift the present and future; and she interprets future information for purposes that are relevant to the present.

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  September 29

Arthyr Chadbourne

Taking the "Ow" Out of Power: Chance Favors
the Prepared Mind

Our ability to take intelligent action depends upon the depth of our vision and the quality of our understanding. The smaller the perspective the more likely we are to shoot ourselves in the foot. Knowledge is based on a reasonable account of actual events and their reliable feedback; Opinion upon unreasonable perceptions
by which a wrong answer is better than no answer at all;  Belief is a mystical premise, not necessarily truth but, faith. Arthyr W. Chadbourne, third generation astrologer, author of the award-winning Ancient Whispers from Chaldea and most recently, The Moment of Truth, explores and reveals the underlying soul of the astrological chart, his trained eye reading obvious messages in celestial configurations to provide reliable feedback.    

  September 22

Ruth Gould-Goodman

Healing Our Trauma; Healing Our World

Ruth Gould-Goodman, author of The Sacred Book of U,  pioneer explorer of the neuro-plasticity of our brain and the wisdom of the Body,  asserts that to heal our current social, political and economic impasse, we must first heal the relationship with our internal creative possibility.  If our connection to power is disrupted by ancient traumas, our outer world reflects this unconscious fragmentation back to us.  She offers a simple, accessible method to internally rewire the stagnation, depression and sense of victimization imprisoning our creative potential, guiding us to “fluid state stem cell energy,” the portal to a profound creativity that can heal, in the present paradigm, what appears to be broken.  

  September 15

Jill Lublin

How to Attract Media Attention to Bring in More Business
and Perhaps Even Fame

Jill Lublin, author of Get Noticed…Get Referrals, Guerrilla Publicity, and Networking Magic, is an internationally acknowledged expert on publicity and networking and a master strategist on how to capture the attention of the media to increase visibility in the marketplace.  She reveals her secrets to: Get the media talking about your products and services; Increase competitive edge and market share; Respond to breaking news and trends in your industry; Accelerate current marketing efforts at no additional cost; Gain  repeat business from “buzz” marketing; Learn 7 guerrilla tactics to master interviews.  

  September 8

Mano Bakh

The Problematic Religious and Political Situation
in Today’s Middle East

Manu Bakh spearheaded the development and curriculum planning of Iran’s largest naval training facility that after the Islamic revolution became Ayatollah Khomeini’s largest prison. Manu, a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Navy of Iran, was subjected to harrowing experiences with the new regime and miraculously escaped with his life. His living story, documented in his book, Escaping Islam, exemplifies the free world’s necessity to deal with the aggressive Islamic movement, supported by oil money that does not reflect the democratic yearning of the people for a Western-style modern life.     

  September 1

David Dibble

Conscious Leadership in the Workplace – A Sea Change

Conventional business practices are reaching a tipping point of non-sustainability. No matter how powerful the organization, no business will escape the coming transformation to higher levels of consciousness, awareness and connection to our human community and our home, Mother Earth. David addresses how we create the Conscious Leaders who will lead this massive shift to a new humanity based on love rather than fear, connection rather than separation, wisdom rather than knowledge, and New Agreements rather than old ones. David Dibble, for 30 years a recognized expert in organizational improvement and systems thinking, is the author of The New Agreements in the Workplace.

  August 25

James O'Dea

Creative Stress:  A Path for an Evolved Life

James O’Dea is a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and was until recently its President.  He lectures all over the world, and has essays published in numerous magazines and books, including currently the Mystery of 2012, Consciousness and Healing, and The Dawning of a New Civilization in the 21st Century.  His new book, Creative Stress:  A Path for Evolving Souls Living through Personal and Planetary Upheaval, reveals with precision how we can and must transmute negative stress so that we can evolve individually and collectively and  offers the reader a steady climb to the higher reaches of human creativity and fulfillment, with practices and compelling

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  August 18

Joyce C. Mills,

The Ecology of Human Transformation

When you know where you are, you’ll know where you are going.  Award-winning author of seven books, including Butterfly Wisdom and Reconnecting to the Magic of Life, Dr. Joyce C. Mills shows how we can discover exactly where we are in the process of change, how to overcome obstacles placed in our path, ultimately discovering how to live a balanced and joyful life.  Dr. Joyce creatively combines science, spirit, and metaphor showing how each of the four passages of the butterfly’s development mirrors our inner journey and quest for full-winged emergence, sharing how the scientific secret of the butterfly’s transformation relates to our inner gifts, skills, and soulful resources.

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  August 11

Nancy Anderson

Discovering Your Passion in Midlife and Beyond

Nancy Anderson is a career and life consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area  and the author of the best selling career guide, Work with Passion, How To Do What You Love For a Living (New World Library, 1984, 20th anniversary edition, 2004).  She comes to us with her new book, Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond:  Reach Your Full Potential and Make the Money You Need.  She will invite the audience to ask questions about their career concerns and then respond on the spot, using the intuition and insight that makes her unique among career professionals.  She will work with individuals to show how to find the right niche in work and to be happy and productive.

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  August 4

J.B. Simms

Don’t Get Arrested in South Carolina or Anyplace Else!

J.B. Simms Investigations did missing person work for 20 years, reuniting adoptees with their biological parents and contributing to cases appearing on Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer and Dateline NBC. When his work led him to a client falsely accused with involvement in a fatal hit and run accident, he uncovered fraud, deceit, and corruption by South Carolina’s law enforcement and prosecution. His chilling story demonstrates that when the prosecution refuses to give the accused a trial and pressures him into a plea agreement, authorities can charge him with any crime they wish and prosecutorial  and law enforcement misconduct and criminal acts will never be brought to light. 

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  July 30

Duane Elgin, MBA, MA

Four Pathways into a Promising Future

Many persons can imagine a future filled with crises and calamity.  Much more difficult is imagining a future of opportunity and promise. This presentation (and audience conversation) offers valuable tools for imagining a promising future as we explore four, “beacons of hope” or compelling stories that provide deep insight into the human journey. This engaging and informative evening offers insight, conversation, and community building.  Duane's presentation draws from more than four decades of work and invites us to stand back and take a fresh look at the big picture of the human journey.

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  July 21

Teresa Turdury

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Teresa Tudury’s comedic performance is utterly  madcap, unpredictable and uninhibited. Picture a cross between Bette Midler and Bonnie Raitt musically, and toss in the most side-splitting stage patter imaginable, and you have Ms. Tudury. After a catastrophic neurological illness early in 2002, Teresa was left without the ability to work at her profession  as a writer and performer...or relate to the world  she had known. Her journey through the minefields of a fractured being to the integration and return of her experience of her " self " is  told through her music and comedy. This musical comedian pours out her original songs with power, verve, passion, and disarming humor.   

  July 14

Ronald Alexander, Ph.D.

The Wise & Mindful Leader

Dr. Ron Alexander, pioneering psychotherapist, leadership coach, and author of Wise Mind, Open Mind, presents his method for becoming a wise and mindful leader who responds with awareness instead of reaction.  The mindful leader brings clarity and calm in a crisis to assess a situation clearly and to access the power to change it.  Dr. Alexander has been helping individuals and all corporate levels in companies such as Disney, ABC Television Network, Sony Music, and the Veterans Administration to use mindfulness to tap into their core creativity, resolve conflict, reach goals, encourage teamwork, increase productivity, and develop smart strategies for the future.  


  July 7

Bradley Hawkins, Ph.D.

Beyond Theology: Bridging the Differences in the World's Religions

Dr. Brad Hawkins holds a Ph.D. in the study of comparative religions from UC Santa Barbara. His Buddhism: Many Paths, One Goal has been translated into six languages, including Japanese and Chinese, and his Introduction to Asian Religions is the standard text in many  Asian religion  courses. In a world increasingly connected, the interaction of religions is not only an academic question, but also a pressing issue.  As long as human beings are willing to fight and die for their faiths, we must bridge the gap between religions to create mutual understanding. New insights into the nature of religion, especially similarities between Muslim and Christian Mysticism, provide such a bridge.

  June 30

Scott Hunter, BEE, JD, CSP

Yes, We Have to Live Together, But Does It Have
to Be So Painful?

Scott is an organizational change agent who learned to help others transform using methods he developed during his 25 years as a business coach. With his book Unshackled Leadership he has guided hundreds of businesses to move to success with a 15-step system that delivers repeatable results and bypasses costly detours.  Relationships with others involve expectations often unfulfilled and disappointments are an inevitable outcome. How we deal with them, however, is critical.  Fear of confrontation leads us to avoid the other person.   Scott offers a new, alternative model to allow us to keep all present relationships as loving as possible and to go back and heal existing broken ones.


  June 23

Valerie Ramsey

Gracefully Looking and Being Your Best at Any Age

Whether you're 18 or 80 or somewhere in between, there is much to be learned from Valerie Ramsey's story.  In her book, Gracefully - Looking & Being Your Best at Any Age, she discusses her life transitions and her battles with cancer and heart problems. A frequent guest on the Today Show and Fox Business News, Ramsey says we don't have to look at any particular stage in our lives as an ending.  Instead, why not grab the chance for a whole new beginning? Many unforeseen circumstances in the world today force people to take a hard look at themselves and their futures. Valerie offers her secrets to look and feel your best, to explore life, to accept challenges, and to ask “What's Next?

  June 16

Laurel Airica

How to Use the Word for the World's Re-Creation

In an age of escalating world crisis, Laurel Airica, WordMagic poet/ performance artist, believes that we must  throw off the yoke of bad ideas – many  embedded in the English language symbols and sounds and affirmed each time we exchange greetings:  “Good Mourning, Have a good Weak, Make sure you get DeepRest.”  Through her mystic-linguistic decoding of English Language, Laurel intends to create a revolution in popular perception of the power of the Word to impact the quality of our world.  She has discovered the self-defeating contra-dictions through which we write our own Life Sentences and how collectively to evolve a new inspirational  language of the heart.

  June 9

Barbara W. Sarnecka, Ph.D.

Number:  The Construction of a Concept  and
What Children Know

Dr. Barbara Sarnecka, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Sciences at the University of CA, Irvine,  studies construction of natural number  concepts in early childhood., i.e. the relationship  between children’s number word knowledge and their performance on a numerical task without number words.  Number is a particularly interesting case because humans have both innate (i.e. non-learned) number knowledge, and also other number knowledge constructed based on information from other people.  Sarnecka argues that human beings do not have innate concepts for numbers.  Rather, these concepts are acquired through a conceptual-role bootstrapping process depending heavily on language.

  June 2

Steve Sisgold

What's Your Body Telling You? Tune into Your BQ

Steve Sisgold, author, speaker, trainer, coach, advocates reliance on our BQ, body awareness intelligence instead of our IQ(mental intelligence).  He presents proven BQ techniques for concentrated focus and confidence to steer us away from dangerous impulsive reactions.  His book, What’s Your Body Telling You?  offers inspirational exercises and mind-body integration tools to hear and connect with a primal level of information sharing between your body and mind,  to shift into whole body consciousness,  to identify, release, and change the subconscious  viral beliefs that sabotage happiness., and to communicate with greater effectiveness and clarity.  

  May 26

Kim Rosen

Saved by a Poem - A Poet in Concert

Kim Rosen, MFA, a spoken-word artist, teacher of self-inquiry, and award-winning poet, has served on the faculties of WisdomUniversity, the Omega Institute, and Kripalu. Her book, Saved by a Poem:  The Transformative Power of Words, is an emphatic call to cultivate the ever-renewable resources of the heart.  Through poetry, the unspeakable can be spoken, the unendurable endured, and the miraculous shared, a necessary medicine for our times. Kim integrates the spoken word with the sound of music in a soul-enriching Poetry Concert causing profound shifts in feelings, thoughts, and even biochemistry as a conduit to an inner source of joy, freedom, and insight to align every level of your being.

  May 19

Mirna Bard

Understanding Leveraging & Maximizing Social Networking

The rules of networking, marketing, communication, and education have shifted dramatically. We are all now students of social media. Mirna Bard calls herself America’s Social Media Coach, combining 12 years of advertising experience with scholastic knowledge and real-world internet expertise. She incorporates social media and online marketing into every marketing mix she provides for her clients through her company, NuReach Global, to increase traffic and sales with on-line transparency. Mirna is the Social Media Chair for the National Association  of Women Business Owners of Orange County and  an instructor at UCI where she lectures on social media.

  May 12

Ron W. Jue, Ph.D.

Cultivating Resiliency to Address the Need for Change

Dr. Ronald Jue has created new ways to examine and address the many current crises in a world changed by the collapse of trust in our financial and political institutions and by social mismanagement. He focuses on the development of cultural integrity and legacy building with individuals and their roles in their business  environments.  He affiliated with the World Business Academy and the World President’s Organization to spearhead dialogues exploring how spiritual and core values need to be integrated into the work-place, leading to the PBS TV series, ”Healthy People/Healthy Business.”  His book, The Inner Edge, offers a pragmatic approach to a path of integration for the professional.

  May 5

Phil Cousineau

The Wordcatcher

Phil Cousineau is the author of over 25 books, has more than 15 documentary script credits, has led numerous art and literary tours around the world, and is currently host of “Global Spirit” on LINK TV. At the core of virtually all his work is a passion for words, a love of language, and a commitment to soulful communication. His new book: Wordcatcher: An Odyssey into the Weird and Wonderful World of Words, captures his enthusiasm (from the Greek “to be filled with the gods”) for the thrill of using the right words at the right time to say what we mean and mean what we say—as beautifully as possible.

  April 28

Steven J. Fogel

Change Your Mind, Change Your Results:
Six Steps to Transforming Your Life

Steven Fogel, author of My Mind Is Not Always My Friend:  A Guide for How to Not Get in Your Own Way, is a principal and cofounder of Westwood Financial Corp., one of the largest owner-operators of retail properties in the U.S. with a portfolio in 23 metropolitan markets worth over one billion dollars.  Along his path he became a painter, a writer, a musician, an actor, an independent film producer, and a stand-up comedian.  After many years of searching for answers to the psychological and spiritual mysteries of life, his purpose came to him:  to share the self-transformation techniques he has learned to help others relieve their unnecessary pain and get out of their self-imposed straightjackets.


  April 21

Kern Konwiser

Baker Boys: Inside the Surge
Newport Beach Film Festival

Kern Konwiser, writer, director, and producer of award-wining theatrical films, documentaries, cable and network movies, has collaborated with industry’s most influential pioneers. In 2008, he joined forces with GigaPix Studios, a partnership that yielded the documentary, Baker Boys: Inside the Surge. Cinematographer Jon Steel, who for 25 years covered nearly every major conflict, went into the heart of an Al Qaeda hotbed outside of Baghdad to chronicle the last 90 days of Baker Company’s (U.S. Army, 3rd Infantry battalion) tour of duty, producing 120 hours of footage. Kern and his brother, Kip, assembled and edited the story of the “war inside” that the Baker Boys will inevitably bring home, capturing conversations so deeply personal they seem more like confessionals than interviews. Kern and Kip will both join us to share their experience.


  April 14

Christine Arylo & Noah Martin

Creating Authentic Partnerships vs. Complicated Relationships

Christine Arylo is the author of Choosing Me Before We: Every Woman's Guide To Life and Love. She and her husband Noah Marti, partners in life and business, share the real deal on what it takes to build an authentic partnership.   Most of us say we want partnership, intimacy, unconditional love, and respect, but do we really know how to create it? From Christine Arylo and Noah Martin you will learn: the 5 biggest mistakes people make in relationships; how to go beyond the ideal of a relationship into the reality of a partnership; how to get what you need without hurting your partner in the process; and a deeper understanding of yourself and your impact on all of your relationships.

  April 7

Dr. Toni Galardi

The LifeQuake Method for Finding Your Life Purpose and Becoming a Change Agent for the World

Dr. Toni Galardi is a licensed psychotherapist, public speaker, advice columnist and  author of the recently published The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How To Thrive (Not Just Survive) During Times of Personal and Global Upheaval.  She developed the LifeQuake™ Method, which is trailblazing a new model for overcoming the fear of change. Most of us are dependent on using crisis as the prime motivator for change. This new LifeQuake™ Method reframes this personal and global upheaval into a seven-stage model that develops the ability to anticipate the end of cycles, prepare for change before it reaches catastrophic consequences and transform fear into a joyous, meaningful life.  

Click here for Dr. Toni Galardi's presentation on You Tube

  March 31

Dr. Fred Luskin

Forgive for Love

Dr. Fred Luskin, Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project and the author of the S.F.Bay area best sellers Forgive for Love and  Forgive for Good, demonstrates the importance of practicing forgiveness, long extolled in religious and psychological traditions, to promote mental and physical health.   He will explore the 9 steps of forgiveness that can lead to enhanced well-being through self-care.  Dr. Luskin will include practice in guided imagery and discussion of research to determine an understanding of what forgiveness is and is not, highlighting his work with couples and people struggling to forgive offenses from their significant others,  past and present.

  March 24



How to Recognize and Release Toxic Emotions, Experiences, and Perceptions from Your Body

Vaishali, a faculty member at The Omega Institute and The Kripalu Center for Health & Yoga, has appeared on national television and radio and presented at panels on health and wellness all over the United States.  She will share tips from her new book, Wisdom Rising, on how to recognize and release toxic emotions, experiences, and perceptions from your body, a manifestation of your mind, to promote increased health, vitality and longevity. Grounded in Indian/Tibetan Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, she will teach the fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang, self-administrated massage that works directly on the digestive system and supports the elimination of toxins, including toxic

Click here for Vaishali's presentation on You Tube

  March 17

Dr. Tom Crouch

Lighter-Than-Air: A History of Balloons and Airships

Dr. Tom Crouch, acclaimed authority on the history of flight, is Senior Curator of the Division of Aeronautics at the Smithsonian National Air and SpaceMuseum.  The author of five books on the Wright Brothers, his The Bishop’s Boys: A Life of Wilbur and Orville Wright, received the 1989 Christopher Award, lauded for “artistic achievement in support of the highest values of the human spirit.” In 2009 he published Lighter Than Air, a comprehensive illustrated history of balloons and airships, focusing on the people, flamboyant and daring, heroes and scoundrels, intrepid balloonists and peripatetic aeronauts, crossing continents and oceans, providing scientific discovery and reconnaissance.  

  March 10

Dr.Tina Seelig, Ph.D.

What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

Dr. Tina Seelig holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the Stanford School of Medicine and is Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program where she guides her students in making the difficult transition from the academic environment to the professional world, providing tangible skills and insights that will last a lifetime.  Her book, What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20:  A Crash Course on Making Your Place in the World, shares what she offers her students: provocative stories of individuals defying expectations, challenging assumptions, and achieving success with a healthy disregard for the impossible, recovery from failure, and seeing problems as remarkable opportunities.  

  March 3

Jeff Mason, Ph.D.

Philosophy and the Attainment of Happiness

Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Descartes, and Sartre all might agree that happiness or human flourishing is the final end of our striving, but disagree on the definition. Dr. Jeff Mason holds a Ph.D. from the University of London, was a Professor in London for 26-years, published three books on philosophy and rhetoric and is the blogger of 93 philosophical meditations.  He currently teaches at Cal State Fullerton and also presents a popular annual lecture series on Philosophy and the Art of Living at UCI’s OLLI where he has distinguished himself as a stand-up philosopher demonstrating that positive thinking and ideas about the art of living the good life have perpetually intrigued great thinkers. 

  February 24

Mark LeBlanc

Never Be the Same

Mark LeBlanc, President of Small Business Success, based in Minneapolis, MN.  teaches the street-smart strategies for achieving in times of challenge and change.   Transformed by his 500 mile hike across Spain, he brings great depth to core issues we face every day personally and professionally.  His Achievers Circles offer: Direction - make sure you are heading in the right direction; Identity - create or recreate a proper identity that serves you from a visual and verbal perspective.; Marketing - create a marketing game plan that gets you visible, busy, and booked with the right business; Benchmarks - when focused and on track, how to set up a system for accountability, and self-renewal.

  February 17

Eva Selhub, M.D.

The Love Response:
Exploring the Physiology of Love

Dr. Selhub, clinical instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School and a senior physician at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Mass. General Hospital, bases her practice on The Love Response™, referring to the chain of bio-chemical processes that occur in the body when one operates from love rather than from fear.  The neurobiology of love brings the body and mind into a state of flow and resilience, provoking a positive physiology, which helps the mind and body heal at its deepest level.   When you are filled with this Love, love that comes from others, Social Love, from something larger than you, Spiritual Love, and from within you, Self Love, you can handle anything that comes. 

  February 10

Joanne Stern

Parenting Is a Contact Sport

One of the greatest fears of parents is that of losing their kids—to their peers; to sex, drugs and alcohol; to technology and the media. The lure of today’s world for kids of all ages is greater than ever before, and parents need a game plan to stay connected to their children and become their mentor, coach and guide throughout their lives. Dr Joanne Stern gives strategies for effective parenting couched in the personal stories of her own family and those of her psychotherapy clients that resonate in a ways that are inspiring, entertaining and filled with practical advice, offering tools, tips and techniques to bond parents to their kids and build a strong, trusting relationship that will last for life.

  February 3

Raphael Cushnir

The One Thing Holding You Back:

Rewiring the Evolutionary Glitch in Your Brain

Raphael Cushnir is a leading voice in the world of emotional intelligence and present moment awareness, reaching million in O, The Oprah Magazine, Beliefnet, and Spirituality and Health. The author of three books, most recently The One Thing Holding You Back:  How Emotional Connection Breaks All Barriers, he brings together all of his insights, principles, and practices regarding the realm of emotion and its key role in every form of well being and success, introducing the “2x2 Process” and its encapsulation as “emotional surfing.”  He coaches Fortune 500 companies and serves on the faculties of the Esalen Institute, the
Center for Yoga and Health, and the Omega Institute.
  January 27

Gay Hendricks

Taking the Big Leap into Your Zone of Genius

Successful people operate in the Zones of Competence, Excellence, or Genius, most  peaking in Excellence because of a manufactured feeling of guilt, stress, doubt, or worry. When we reach an “Upper Limit,” the ego, focused on recognition and protection from social ostracism, uses the “inner thermostat” to sabotage us from exceeding the amount of love and success we allow ourselves by provoking arguments, accidents and sickness to bring us back down.  When we make the “Big Leap” into the Zone of Genius, the harmful part of the ego disappears and fear dissolves.  Gay Hendricks, internationally known psychologist, author, and transformational executive coach, offers proven techniques to make the “Big Leap." 

Click here for Gay Hendricks's presentation on You Tube


  January 20

Peter Clothier

Your Most Powerful Creative Tool

Peter Clothier, former Dean at the Otis Art Institute, widely-published art writer, and blogger, The Buddha Diaries,  brings the perspective of long experience and empathy for the creative passion.  His recent  Persist: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad With Commerce, addresses the predicament of creative people of all kinds—artists, writers, actors, musicians, dancers—who find it increasingly difficult for even the most talented to get a hearing in a cultural environment in which success is most often measured in commercial terms. Just as the artist must acquire and develop a disciplined mind and a commitment to practice to create a life in art that will survive the vicissitudes of a world dominated by market concerns,  so must each of us in our life’s work.

Click here for Peter Clothier's presentation on You Tube

  January 13

Janet Conner

Writing Down Your Soul

Everyone has innate spiritual intelligence. Whether you call it intuition, guidance, or something else, everyone has had the experience of a sudden insight or knowing-often upon waking. Janet Conner, in Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within, explains why that happens and how you can turn on that Voice any time you need it, day or night. Janet will share research from psychology, biology, and brain wave function that explains the power of writing is getting into the theta brain wave state.  Janet will teach us the seven simple and rather fun steps that thousands of soul writers use every day to access limitless wisdom and creativity.

   January 6

Gail Minogue

2010 Trends and Forecasts 

Gail Minogue, author of Divine Design—How You Created the Life You Are Living”, the DVD “New World Renaissance,” and  forthcoming  The Invisible Plan, integrates “real world” experience and timing with the symbolic relationship of numbers, ancient science and teachings. Widely known, she combines 25 years as a scholar of Sacred Geometry with her background as a licensed commodities broker to develop a unique perspective on the current economic and social conditions to reveal a plan that has been in place hundred of years prior to recent activation. Why did they begin?  What transformation is taking place?  When will this period end?  

Click here for Gail Minogue's presentation on You Tube




  December 16

Morgana Rae

Financial Alchemy: Proven Steps to Be a Money Magnet

We head into the holidays with the answer to this question:  “What If you could RAPIDLY, RADICALLY, and PERMANENTLY change your Relationship with Money:  What would that be worth to you?” Morgana Rae is an internationally acclaimed author and certified Master Results Coach .  She brings her 20 years in the entertainment industry to the fun, dynamic exercises that will transform your finances quickly with stunning results. She will discuss the most common mistakes consumers make in terms of spending, saving, and planning for future financial needs; and she will teach you how to alleviate financial stress and give you a totally new attitude toward money. Money will love you! 

  December 9

Frank LaFerla, Ph.D.

Memory Disorders and Their Impact
on Families and Society

Dr. Frank LaFerla is Chancellor Professor in the Department of Neurology and Behavior at UCI, Director of the Institute for Memory Impairment and Neurological Disorders, and Fellow of the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.  His research is focused on understanding the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease, most recently on using neural stem cells as tools to model critical aspects of of Alzheimer pathology.  With a distinguished record of research, teaching, and service, he  plans to expand the Institute to new levels to bridge or “translate” scientific-based discoveries and introduce them in meaningful ways into the clinical programs touching patients and families.

Click here for Dr. Frank LaFerla presentation on You Tube

  December 2

Betsy Salkind

Seriously Funny: If Anything’s Funny at 7:00 a.m.

Betsy Salkind mines dark material for her comedy.  She was a staffwriter for “Saturday Night Special” and “Roseanne” (the sitcom) and has appeared on “Girls Night Out,” “Stand-Up,Stand-Up,” “Last Comic Standing,” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”  She is the author of a children’s book for adults, More Than Once Upon a Time, and her November 2008, Betsy’s Sunday School Bible Classic,  intended to be funny but also to contribute to the discussion of the role of religion in society. She explores the Old Testament, the basis for all three Abrahamic traditions, its claim for moral authority and then asks that we be honest about what’s in there – and to have a few laughs while we’re at it.

  November 25

Bill Morris

Formula for Success 4 Teens and 4 You

We enter Thanksgiving with gratitude that people like Bill Morris, former Wall Street Executive, has spent the last 16 years conducting motivational seminars for teens at institutions ranging from West Point and Stanford University to obese camps, halfway homes, drug rehab centers, foster homes and high schools. He provides answers, solutions, and guidance for teens struggling with common issues such as time management, goal setting, every day setbacks, fitness, nutrition, self esteem, and confidence. A Board Member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Bill’s motto in life is “learn, earn and return” and his lofty goal is to reach 30 million kids in the US with his message, “game plan,” and recently created DVD, Success4Teens. You will be inspired.  

  November 18

Peter McGugan

The New Economy: The New Consciousness

Something is changing everything. The quality of consciousness is the quality of experience, and we measure value in terms of consciousness.   As greed addicted executive piracy has collapsed institutions into a black hole, we are all in withdrawal. Peter McGugan, internationally recognized author, speaker, broadcaster and therapist, author of Beating Burnout and When Something Changes Everything, will explain the shift we’re experiencing and the new economy, offering reasoned insights into what’s happening and transformational experiences that are equipping people for what’s ahead.   Peter teaches skills for conscious management, and during this presentation you will receive keys to higher consciousness with greater flow, synchronicity, energy and health.  

  November 4

Chris Alexander

Discover The “WOW” Factor in You and
Power Up Your Charisma

Chris Alexander, Emmy Award winner for Overall Excellence in Business Education and PBS TV producer of Creating Extraordinary Joy and Joy in the Workplace, is the author of five books.  His most recent publication is The “WOW” Factor. We all know people we love to be with. We all have brands and products we love. What is your brand? What is your “WOW” Factor? When we experience the magic of The”WOW” Factor, we want to repeat it over and over. It's flattering, it's attractive and we want more of it. Chris Alexander will show you how to bring The “WOW” Factor into your business and into your life by learning how to power-up your charisma and create great relationships and customer experiences.  

  October 28

John Dombrink, Ph.D.

The Long Culture War? The Vitality of 'Wedge Issues' in the Obama Era.

John Dombrink is Professor of Criminology, Law and Society in the School of Social Econogy at UCI. He is author of several articles on the legal treatment of vice and co-author of Sin No More: From Abortion to Stem Cells, Understanding Crime, Law and Morality in America (with Daniel Hillyard, NYU Press, 2007) and Dying Right: The Death With Dignity Movement (with Daniel Hillyard, Routledge, 2001). Dr Dombrink directs the Social Ecology Mentor-Mentee Program providing academic support for first-generation college students. He will discuss the current state of American "culture wars," and the effects of social conservatives and the religious right on law and politics in America. For More Info

  October 21

Kute Blackson

The Love Challenge: Change Your Life in 30 Days

Kute’s own background and experience lays out the blueprint for his approach to liberating others, setting their gifts and greatness free. Born in Ghana, the child of a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father, raised in London, and on 4 different continents, he is a next generation world leader out to awaken millions to Love and to Living their inspired destiny. According to Kute, once freed of the conditioned responses scripted by family, society, institutions and the media, people are no longer limited to pre-programmed interactions in the course of living. In fact, life becomes a bold adventure, an expansive, jazzy improvisation, which is what he calls “Freefall.” As founder of The Blackson Group, he uses a variety of modalities to help people break out of old patterns.


October 14

Suzzanne Falter Barn

Get Known Now: How to Attract the Media to Contact You

Suzanne Falter-Barns teaches coaches, authors, speakers and infopreneurs how to build “platform” and attract major media and publishers. After working with Suzanne, her clients have been called cold by CNN, Time, Sixty Minutes, PBS, Self, People; and they’ve also been offered major publishing deals and created successful six figure businesses. Recent studies show that 79% of all major media find their resources and story ideas from blogs and the Internet, so your web presence needs instant credibility and the ability to stand out, what media and publishing pundits call “Platform.” She will probe the issues of branding and consider what our unique selling proposition might be.


October 7

Deanna Minich, Ph.D

Nutrition for the Soul: Seven Bites to Complete Nourishment

Dr. Deanna Minich, author of Chakra Foods for Optimum Health, and creator of the Nutrition for the Soul ™ workshop series, combines her scientific study of nutrition with her training with spiritual mentors to produce a new paradigm of eating – one that encourages connecting with food on many levels to change one’s life. She teaches that foods and eating provide creative ways that we can access deeper issues related to our personal growth. She will dive into practical ways to make eating more meaningful by tapping into all the energy – physical and subtle – foods can provide as she opens your heart, unravels your intuition, and guides you on a journey to inner and outer eating bliss.

  September 30

Donald Hoffman, Ph.D.

The Interface Theory of Perception

Donald Hoffman is Professor of Cognitive Sciences at UCI and author of Visual InteligenceHow We Create What We See. His research has led him to propose conscious realism: consciousness and its contents are all that exists. He demonstrates that our perceptions constitute a species-specific user interface that guides behavior in a niche. Just as the icons of a PC’s interface hide the complexity of the computer, so our perceptions usefully hide the complexity of the world, and guide adaptive behavior. This interface guides research in perception and informs a new class of evolutionary games, interface games, in which pithy perceptions often drive true perceptions to extinction. Donald Hoffman PhD

  September 23

Vivek Jain, M.D.

Stroke Prevention

Dr. Vivek Jain is a stroke neurologist and Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Neurology at the UC Irvine Healthcare’s Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center, one of only three certified primary stroke centers in the county. Strokes, or brain attacks, are the third leading cause of death and a primary cause of disability in the United States today. The key is recognizing the first sign of cerebrovascular trouble – a transient ischemic attack (TIA), commonly known as a mini-stroke – and getting immediate help. About a fourth of all stroke patients have had at least one TIA whose symptoms disappear in less that 24 hours and are frequently shrugged off. This morning may save your life.Dr. Vivek Jain 

  September 16

Kimberly Brooks

The Creative Process in Eight Stages

Kimberly Brooks is an artist and technologist whose work has been featured in magazines and juried exhibitions in museums across the country, including the Whitney, MOMA, LAXMA, and CA Institute of the Arts.  She hosts a popular weekly artist column called “First Person Artist” on the Huffington Post where she writes about the creative process and interviews artists around the world.   Hailed as an “interactive visionary,” she started her career teaming up artists with engineers to create the software design firm, Lightray Productions, and has created groundbreaking projects for Norman Lear, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., NASA, Intel, the LAPD, Warner Music and many more.


  September 9

Gary Stromberg 

The Harder They Fall: Celebrity Stories of Addiction and Recovery

Gary Stromberg, head of The Blackbird Group, honors National Recovery Month with a look at how addiction devoured celebrities’ pride and accomplishments until they found the courage to seek help,  honesty to face their disease, and ultimately strength to rebuild their lives. No stranger to celebrities, Gary Stromberg, filmmaker and author of three books, co-founded Gibson & Stromberg, an influential music public relations firm of the 60’s and 70’s representing such luminaries as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Babra Streisand, Boyz II Men, Muhammad Ali, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Ray Charles, The Doors, Earth, Wind & Fire, Elton John, Three Dog Night, and Crosby, Stills, & Nash.   

  September 2

Robert Charles Hunter

The Journey Beyond CEO

Robert Hunter is a business leader whose broad range of experience includes 23 years at PepsiCo and 10 years as CEO of PepsiCo Food Systems, leading it to a $4 Billion company at the time of its sale. He is currently chairman and CEO of Exxcell Entertainment, Inc. As part of his journey beyond CEO, he is the author of Curious Journey: Origins of the New Age, the first of a six-book series in which he documents that there is more that we don’t know than we do know; and to be successful, we must be open to possibilities. He will share his knowledge of ethics in business and the potential of what New Age thinking offers us to build strong personal and business relationships. 




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