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 2017 Speakers

October 25

James Wanless, PhD

Refirement! The Renewable You - Lessons from Nature

Join James Wanless, author of Sustainable Life: The New Success, and creator of the Sustain Yourself Cards, for an always entertaining and profound look at nature as mentor and co-creator of your ever-renewable life.  Rethink, reinvent, recreate, and recycle!  Our natural world constantly renews itself, and offers keys to vitality and fulfillment.  What can we learn from this cyclical Eco-Spiritual path?  A deeper observation of the natural plan and our place within it, helps us to reflect on Who, Why, What and Where we are, and How to experience the fullest expression of ourselves.  It’s a never-ending flow of life-force available to us at all times.
James Wanless, Ph.D., dynamic 21st century Sage, has refired, renewed and transformed himself from professor of political science into spiritual seer, publishing entrepreneur, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, human potential counselor/coach, artist, mythmaker, and prolific author.  At 74 years-young, he is entertaining, sometimes irreverent, and always profound. 

November 1

Alan Green

The Sacred Geometry Embedded into the Title Page of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Alan Green, renowned showman and recording artist returns to give us Part Two of one of our most entertaining and educational mornings ever.  In Part One we saw the Poetic Codes, and how the 624 characters of Shake-speare's Sonnets Dedication plus Shakespeare’s Stratford Monument and Gravestone fit into the 624-square Enochian Tables, channeled to John Dee by Angels on the then Summer Solstice, June 24th — 6:24. You also saw that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, ‘died’ in 1604 on that same date, 6:24 — and ‘fixed’ the Baptism date of the man from Stratford, born William Shakespeare, to be April 26th — 4:26. (The mirror image.)

Now, brace yourself for the codes embedded into the title page of Shakespeare's Sonnets, They form a beautiful, 6+2+sacred geometrical pattern that reveals 12 of the world’s most significant math constants, all to a staggering “three decimal places” accuracy. But Dee and de Vere go much further—giving us the geographic coordinates of the Great Pyramid. "And thereby hangs a tale"!  

The old question, "WHO was Shakespeare?" is now not as important as the more profound question, “WHAT was Shakespeare?" In other words, what state of consciousness was this person in to be capable of the incredible esoteric game he's playing with us?


November 15

Blake Holloway, PhD

An Interview with Blake Holloway, PhD, by Craig Marshall

Dr. Holloway, a leader in the arenas of Contemplative Neuroscience and Peak States of Consciousness, has spent over 30 years researching advanced brain states.  His research in the areas of Addictive disease and acute traumatic stress resulted in one of the first non-drug based methods for complete resolution of PTSD.

He is the Chief Science Officer of Solace Lifesciences Inc., a neuroscience company, and the Inventor of the NuCalm system frequently referred to as ‘Zen in a Box.’  His recent areas of research include the NeuroPhysics of consciousness, and his most recent invention is an Applied Biophysics Platform for balancing the Human Physiologic system.

Blake frequently quotes Albert Einstein, “No problem can be solved in the same state that created it.”  Dr. Holloway is committed to sharing his insights and methods for achieving the state shift critical to the next stage of evolution in mankind.


December 6

Laura Rose DesJardins

The Shadow Effect:
How Our Dark Side Effects Relationships

We all have a shadow, or dark side. It gives us perspective to see the opposite within, and also the ability to see the light. Once we start working with our shadow, we can grow and return to the light, bringing ourselves into balance, especially within relationship. Laura will share her experiences and reveal astrological charts where the shadow effect is extremely strong. She will also address how to find those shadow areas within ourselves and the probable age when the Shadow emerged.

Laura has been a professional Astrologer for the past 40 + years. She is a nationwide, multi-media personality, having been interviewed by CBS Radio, The NBC's The Today Show and having published articles in People Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine, and the Orange County Register. Laura held "Staff Astrologer” positions at various radio stations and national magazines, and was a lecturer/consultant to the Golden Door Resort & Spa.


December 13

Jim Holden

Refirement! The Renewable You - Lessons from Nature

Jim Holden will take you home to his roots, and share his passion for the authentic African Safari. He will captivate you with his story-telling skills and may feel like you’ve stepped into the movie Out of Africa.

Jim was born in Zambia, and attended school in Zimbabwe and South Africa. He worked in the travel industry in Kenya, and enjoys “stepping back into Africa” several times a year. He is referred to as the “Crocodile Dundee” of Africa, and as a born story-teller, Jim will charm you with his accent, captivate you with his humor, and stimulate your senses as he takes you on a journey to discover the wildlife and people of Africa.

Jim now lives and works in Newport Beach and is passionate about helping people realize their dreams of visiting Africa.



Directions to the Pacific Club:

From South county – Take the 5 North to the 405 North. Keep Left on the 405 N. Take exit 8 toward MacArthur & go Left on MacArthur. Left on Von Karman & make an immediate Left into the first driveway.  Take a parking ticket at the ticket booth, pass the first building on your right, continuing to the Pacific Club’s parking lot. You might want to look at directions if you use the 73 instead of the 405.
Using the 405 South – Transition to the 73 South. Take exit 15 toward Jamboree Road, onto Bristol Street South.
Left on MacArthur.  Turn on Von Karman and make an immediate Left into the first driveway, take your parking ticket, pass first building continuing on to the Pacific Club’s parking lot.
From Orange & Anaheim Hills – Take the 55 fwy. South, to the 405 fwy South. Take exit 8 toward MacArthur/OC Airport & go Left on MacArthur.  Turn Left on Von Karman & make an immediate Left into first driveway.  Take parking ticket at booth, pass first building on your right, continuing to the Pacific Club’s parking area.

6:45 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.

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