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2017 Speakers

April 26

Peter McGugan

Think It Through

We’re living in an impulsive, immediate gratification, alternative fact, rush-to-result era. As we strive to keep up with waves of disruptive technology, we too often make misinformed or emotionally impulsive choices.

Canada’s best selling author, international speaker and award-winning filmmaker, Peter McGugan brings an uplifting, participatory and empowering experience, spiced with humor and irresistible common sense. 

He shares the skills of lifelong achievers who get clarity, and then make informed choices. You’ll discover free resources so you’re more confident, trusted, independent and successful. 

As we age, decisions come with higher stakes. Don’t miss this Inside Edge favorite as he shares winning skills for decision making, situation management and sustained well being.


May 10

Jamie Greene

The Art of Reading People
Imagine having the gift of X-ray vision to see through people’s defense mechanisms so you could truly see what makes them tick? With his 30-years of experience as a psychotherapist delving deeply into the shadows of the psyche, Jamie will show you how to connect with the people who matter to you most. This powerful workshop is not a gimmick but more a guided set of skills how to recognize trustworthiness, emotional intelligence and receptivity and to develop the personal leverage to help you effectively create the impact you desire. 
Jamie’s Zen-like approach to personal coaching combined with his British sense of humor and refreshing straight talk, has built a thriving reputation as a licensed psychotherapist, teacher, mentor and leadership trainer helping teens, adults, couples, executives and teams change their entire perspectives of work and life. In 2005, he was cast as a real-life marriage therapist in the FOX show ‘Marriage 911′ and helped to save a marriage on the rocks in just one week. The couple is still thriving, years later. Jamie was most recently featured as Therapist and Life Coach to Brad Womack on Season 15 of “The Bachelor” on ABC.

May 24

Louise Hauck

Transmitting From the Heart — The Functionality of Telepathy and Communication with the Higher Self

Louise Hauck is a ‘time-traveling’ intuitive spiritual counselor, and the author of Beyond Boundaries; Heart-LinksFearless Future; and Streaming Consciousness Her work has been endorsed by and dovetails with that of Gary Zukav, Peter Russell, Willis Harman, and Larry Dossey, MD.
For nearly thirty years she has presented to audiences and consulted for clients internationally. It’s a wonderful time to be alive, because, as Louise believes, we’re all here to evolve into highly intuitive, multidimensional beings.
Louise has a lot to say about telepathic communication with the higher self of others — those suffering the effects of dementia, stroke and comaemployers, ex-partners, difficult friends or relatives, pets, and all of nature.
Louise is also passionate about giving evidence of our ever-present connectivity to unconditionally loving, higher energies (including certain religious icons), to the Angelic realm and elemental world, and to loved ones in the ‘non-physical.’

June 14

Tom Bird,
the "Book Whisperer"

The Tom Bird Method: Write in the Divine Author StateMany are drawn to the art form of writing to experience healing, transformation and the release of their divine potential. Tom will move you beyond any self-doubt as you learn about and write from this innate and natural space known as the Divine Author Within. Bring your favorite pen(s) and unlined paper.

Tom Bird is a bestselling author and --according to Paul McCarthy, “legendary editor to nine #1 New York Times bestselling authors and the top writing coach in the world.” Through his unique spiritual approach, Tom leads hundreds of would-be authors to complete the writing of their books in a weekend. In the past three years, sixty-two of those authors found homes on Amazon Best Seller lists.

June 28

Alan Green

The Sacred Scripture Hidden within Shakespeare's Sonnets

"The best, most exciting breakthrough I've seen in all my years as a Shakespeare scholar.”

~Dr. Michael Delahoyde, professor of English Literature at Washington State University.


To be in Alan Green’s outrageously entertaining presence is to be absolutely charmed!  He is a British-born, classically trained pianist, composer, author, educator, and Shakespeare Authorship scholar.  A renowned musician, he was signed to five major record labels including Arista, ABC, and CBS, with whom he had a top thirty hit, I Surrender, under the pseudonym, Arlan Day, in 1981.

Green’s first academic book, Dee-Coding Shakespeare [sic], was initially published in 2010, but he withdrew it from the marketplace because of new discoveries.  His upcoming book trilogy involves the opening the altar stone within the poet's church in Stratford-upon-Avon — where the Bard claims to have left physical evidence that may finally solve the centuries-old controversy surrounding his identity.  We will be sitting on the edge of our seats!

Alan will use our grand piano to perform one or two excerpts from his forthcoming Shakespeare musical, BARD.



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